Monday, June 5, 2017

- A Word On Fighting Back

I've met enough Britains to know that the fight can't possibly be out of all of them, but the British press sure does seem to focus on aiming the cameras at only one group - much like they do here.

Check out this 'not safe for work' video. First there is the kid who is complaining for Rebel Media and then there is the guy he's ridiculing. I know which one Britain needs more of.

The other day the GF and I were having a nice chat with some older Italian Tourists in Washington Square Park. She and I have been making the most of the new rule not to punish streetside alcohol consumption in NYC, by taking the dog and a decent bottle of Pinot Noir over to the park on sunny afternoons and discreetly drinking it on a bench. The tourists sat down with us just as I was tossing the remains of the bottle. They were in their 70's and spoke broken english, but otherwise were as pleasant as you could possible imagine, and were great company.

Now I tend to be a little confrontational anyway when poked, and I had to deal with my idiot brother in law this weekend, so I might have had a little pent up anger left. Then there was the wine. So please keep that in mind while you read the rest of this.

But our exceptionally pleasant new Venetian friends had rested up a bit and after getting directions from us, were on their way to their next destination when one of the local crazies - a great huge fat black blob of a man - got up from the bench where he had been screaming at strangers for attention, and started hassling the old folks.

I didn't respond well to this.

I quickly bounced up off my bench, trotted over to this loser, and got up in his face a little. I could see the look of fear on his face as a fit, biggish antagonistic looking white guy came jogging up, so no actual violence was necessary. It almost never is. I gave him a menacing chewing out with my finger in his face and graphic promises of future violence, and he quickly forgot about the tourists, pulled his shirt back down and skulked away to find some other group to hassle. He didn't want trouble. He only wanted to make trouble for others if he could do so unmolested.

If you're thinking that this was hardly a muslim kid with a knife screaming Allah Akbar, that's fair enough. But since it was just this past weekend it's fresh in my mind. And I've got to tell you, I don't think I would ever have the same reaction to a bunch of unarmed policemen telling me to 'duck and cover' as the British populace seemed to in that video. Maybe I'm being foolhardy lately, but it seems to me that if we stop putting up with it, we'll all get to stop putting up with it.

There are literally millions of polite decent people in New York City. We have the crazies and terrorists WAY outnumbered. Granted, in my neighborhood most of the New Yorkers are progressive cowards, but maybe if they see me standing up to the urban BS, some of them will find a little backbone too. Half the trick of getting men to act like men, it seems to me, is to show them what one looks like. And it doesn't take a hero to get up in the face of a rude obnoxious unwashed crazy person who is really only acting the way he is because he knows no one will give him any trouble if he does.

Well I gave him some trouble, though little was required. And if he were a wild eyed maniac with a knife I think I'd have only felt more compelled to violence. I don't know how I'm gonna die, but I'll bet anything that it won't be at the hands of of some lone, homeless, 'off his meds' street flotsam, or some untrained Muslim kid who's holding a weapon and engaging in violence for the very first time in his entire life. These guys aren't Navy Seals.

More than anything else though, I'm just sick to death of ducking and hiding. At this point in my life I'd rather risk getting hurt than act like a woman.

And that's the thing guys. It's a risk. Just a risk. I've been hurt before and survived it. It's not the end of the world. And the NY crazies and the Muslim psychos with knives aren't expecting anyone to fight back. I really think it's the Muslim equivalent of a shit test. They'll keep doing it until we start fighting back. They are nothing but the new bullies of the west. And I won't back down to a bully ever. I don't care how badly he might hurt me. I may be disarmed in NYC, but I'll never be defenseless.

None of this makes me a tough guy. I'm literally never looking for trouble. I'm just an ordinary guy who isn't going to be bullied by anyone.

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