Friday, June 9, 2017

- A Word On Inter-Sexuality

This has been hanging around in my folder for a few weeks waiting for me to come up with an ending for it. But I'm cleaning up, so I figured I'd post it without:

You know what Intersectionality is right? Intersectionality is the way one victim group borrows the aggrieved status of another victim group to advance it's will to power. Feminists borrow white guilt over Slavery from blacks to bolster their claim that men need to be punished. Blacks meanwhile borrow the 'lived experience' philosophy of Feminism in order to further sideline reason and to validate subjective feelings as 'evidence' that whites need to be punished.

It's an ala carte menu of all the most baseless ideas of academia, being used to advance political motives of the fringe and in the end, to punish the most successful fractional group of Americans, heterosexual white men. It is the thing that transforms those bad ideas from a bunch of individual bad ideas into a kind of religious dogma dedicated to viewing society as intentionally exploitative, and shifting the responsibility for success or failure from the behavior of individuals, to the perceived behavior of groups.

I don't think it's a mistake that the people most dedicated to intersectional grievance culture are those people who for various reasons, are the least desireable to members of the opposite sex. And I think that's telling. Men and women find different things attractive and there is a hierarchy to that which is unavoidable.

Heterosexuals have more sexual options than homosexuals, and conventional homosexuals have more options than transexuals. So that hierarchy applies to both sexes. By order of appeal, it's straight, gay, tranny. Although the emphasis is slightly higher in men than women, both sexes like the physically fit, so that has a hierarchy too, with the physically appealing being much more highly valued than the unhealthy or unattractive. Men prefer thin women while women prefer tall men.

For the breakdown by race, individual mileage varies greatly. But broadly stated for women trying to appeal to the most desirable men, these days the order of appeal is asian women, white women, latin women, black women. for men it's different because women are interested in different things in men. But for them broadly stated it's white men, asian men, latin men, black men.

We can quibble around the edges. Some 'in demand' men simply don't find asian women appealing at all or may prefer the most attractive latin women over white women. Some in demand women may prefer a Latin man over an Asian, or vice versa. These aren't hard and fast rules, just general principles. And are in effect, a restatement of the Heartiste rule that the sexual market is the only market.

This I think defines the need for intersectionality. If you're an unattractive man, say an impoverished, overweight, short black transsexual man with an IQ of 85, you will have few choices for mates, and none among the most 'in demand' women or men. If you're an unattractive woman, say someone like Lena Dunham or one of those kids from Evergreen college a few posts back, you will have few options, and none among the most in demand men and women.

This is the point of Feminism, racism, and explicitly, intersectionality. The point is to overturn enough of society's basic structure to allow that homeless guy sleeping on the traffic island ready access to Shu Qi or (if you prefer) Emily Ratajkowski. And to provide the freak show girls of Anti-fa ready sexual access the top tier of the male sexual market. (Being male and heterosexual, those guys are harder for me to name.)

The biggest issue though is really intelligence. And that's why the left is so rapidly falling apart. The people at the bottom of the sexual demand list are all of lower intelligence. And in the end, I think that will be their inevitably undoing. Stupid is as stupid does. And as their demands to undo more of western culture become even more obvious, people will see that they just don't want to go there.

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