Thursday, July 6, 2017

- All The Testosterone, None Of The Guilt

I've always liked the Poles. One of the shapers in my early career was Piotre Karazinsky, the brilliant Polish Economist responsible along with Fisher Black for the Black-Karazinsky Swaptions model. Something of a minor legend in derivatives circles.

Apart from being a brilliant man, he has an encyclopedic knowledge, and is an eminently good natured and accessible. The thing I remember best about the year I worked for him was all the time we spent cracking each other up on the trading desk. He had a very good natured but dry humor. I've never had a job where I laughed so much or so reliably.

I've also often said that I think both the best and worst looking women in Europe are from Poland:

Maybe that's just me. They may not age well, but in their prime, they certainly get my attention. Though I wonder if the distribution of good looks among polish women has some corollary in the distribution of intelligence with Polish men. There were all those polish jokes from childhood at one end, and all the brilliant mathematicians, physicists and scientists at the other. Just a thought.

Trump apparently likes them as well. They've always been a natural ally of America and are a reliable 'conservative' free market nation. And god (literally) knows I like John Paul II more than the commie living in Vatican now. They always seemed to me to have real courage, and are among the most conquered nations in History only because of inconvenient geography. In that respect I wonder if they aren't somewhat similar to the Germans, only without all the racial guilt for having tried to exterminate the Jews. (I like all the Germans I know too incidentally.)

Anyway Trump's Warsaw speech is being hailed as a 'right thinking' bit of political theatre. So I thought I'd link it.

The male way to do diplomacy is loyalty to Family first, but right after that loyalty to friends to the degree of their reliability, and wrath to our enemies to the degree of their belligerence. No more of all that bowing and obsequiousness of the Obama era with Trump. The Poles are our friends. Let's treat em like it.

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