Monday, July 17, 2017

- Being Fashionably Broken

Estimates of the total ‘Trans’ population, who have become the most vocal of our counter-cultural leadership, comes in somewhere between 800K and 1.4 million in the US. So who the hell are these people?

OK … Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner. Got it. That’s an easy one. But what about the rest?

For instance, I knew a guy in College – well… that may be stretching it. I knew him to say hello to, but I really didn’t know anything else about him and today I can’t even remember his name. I only remember him at all because he dated a girl who was in my social circle and she inevitably revealed his secret to the rest of us. During intimate moments, he liked to wear women’s clothing ala Ed Wood. She assured us that he was very much heterosexual, and I have no reason to disbelieve her. So was he Trans?

I once worked with a short, stout, crew cutted women who liked girls and dressed in men’s clothing exclusively. She was pleasant most of the time, and we got along well enough for work. No one cared about her sexual preference at all as far as I could see, and she seemed fine with keeping that part of her life to herself. Mostly she seemed to want her fashion idiosyncrasy to be completely ignored, which as a card carrying member of the ‘leave me the hell alone’ party, I was more than happy to do. Was she trans?

The problem with making every tiny little personal idiosyncrasy into a fashionable anti-establishment movement, is that to the degree it’s successful at making ‘normal’ people uncomfortable, it will attract new followers. So these days in Greenwich Village, where I live, you cannot leave the house without seeing what by all appearances are actually gay men who are testing the trans waters with odd fashion choices. Not a solitary day goes by that I don’t see men with feminine blouses, or carefully made up faces, or one of the many variants on fashion that have traditionally been reserved for ‘women’. Men with full beards, lipstick, high heels, and hoop earrings but otherwise dressed as men, can be seen every single day.

According to the NYTimes, New York City has more gay people in it than any other city in the country, and there is a particularly high concentration in my neighborhood. So obviously my experience is going to be atypically loaded toward seeing more ‘trans’ people than most. These days I think they’re all ‘trying out’ one version of Trans life or another. Or at the very least allowing it to define their dress. But I have no idea if that actually makes the grade for being ‘trans’ or not.

With the increasing need for ideological purity in the social justice space, I would imagine that the more technical you can make the ‘Trans’ identity, the better it would be perceived. So maybe it’s the medical diagnosis that’s important – ala Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner. But the contradiction there is that you don’t need a medical diagnosis to be ‘normal’ and being thought of as ‘normal’ is definitely what the Gay and Trans lobbies are both after.

Because of that, this is inevitably an endpoint of Social Justice lobbying – a place where the mentally ill demand equal treatment from the non-mentally ill, by virtue of their being mentally ill. It’s quite literally the inmates running the asylum. I don’t much mind that men want to walk around in strange dress and I’m far too secure in myself to be off put by it. But I worry for all those people who have other kinds of mental illnesses but are being culturally dragged into the ‘Trans’ world when they otherwise wouldn’t be, just because it’s an easy and visible way to get people to cut them some slack. Getting on this bandwagon is clearly a priority for New York City's mentally ill residents, because to be Trans is to get special treatment, and the mentally ill would do anything for that.

We're doing all the people who really do suffer from issues like M. Jenner a real disservice I think, by allowing all the other broken things to join their movement in an effort to make their own mental illness just as fashionable. And to the degree we put 'extra' laws in place to protect them, we're actually giving an easily donnable suit of armor to all the other psychos and misfit who wants to hide behind them.

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