Wednesday, July 5, 2017

- The CNN Doxxing

So I guess I should say something about this.

What we probably have here is some 17 year old kid who had some fun with a gif editor, and is now staring down the barrel of an utterly destroyed future thanks to the power brokers at CNN. Trump land is surprisingly popular with young men since they haven't had much of the multi-decade programming that comes from Feminist indoctrination in popular culture. There is also quite a lot of push back online which instead of telling boys how toxic their every urge is, instead says "Be proud to be a boy, and be proud to grow up to be a man. do more than that, Be a 'real man' Aaaagggghhh!!!

You can see the appeal.

But CNN is feeling very fragile at the moment, as are the left in general. So they want to do away with any criticism, valid or otherwise. Personally I thought the gif was stupid. And wasn't worth the drama that the leftist media made of it. But you know girls. They can get a little hysterical.

And I don't blame the kid for backing down. It takes a rare person to stand up to a media machine that's dedicated to destroying you. And make no mistake, that's exactly what the brave folks at CNN would have done. They can't hit Trump so they'll hit some nobody in middle America with a GIF editor. Suddenly he would become the greatest threat to western civilization since he was last incarnated as Hitler. He would be literally Hitler youth. Who can blame a kid for running in fear.

But if you could only read a single story to explain why the media is so despised, I think this would be a good one to read. This is the media equivalent of the Elian Gonzales incident. The Media swat team is kicking in the doors and going in armored up, just to grab a little kid. It's overkill to the 10th power.

And in the end I think it's suicide for CNN's brand management and their reputation as a whole. And just wait until the less fearful and less intimidated boys at 4chan get a hold of the CNN staff. If I worked there I'd be deleting my browser history this second. Because if you work at CNN and have a thing for tentacle porn (or whatever) it's getting out there now. It's going to be no prisoners warfare from the alt-right.

I for one can't wait to hear the lamentation of their women.

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