Saturday, July 8, 2017

- Come Out Of The Closet Jonah

Jonah Goldberg (I'm not linking there anymore, go find it yourself) says that a little Nationalism is good in small doses and poisonous in large ones. OK. Fine. But can't the same thing be said for Immigration? Or for that matter the much lauded (and very much Liberal) idea of "Tolerance!"? If a man from the neighborhood pats your 14 year old daughter on the head it's certainly a cause for tolerance, if he pats her on the behind is it still good to be 'tolerant'?

We in the west HAVE been tolerant, and for our trouble we were told what awful disgusting examples of Racism, Misogyny and hate we were. All absent any evidence mind you, and the thinkers of the old left, Jonah included, fell all over themselves to tell them how right they were.

The people demanding tolerance of us show us nothing but disgust and demand our absolute contrition, while they do all they can to destroy the world we built. I'm very pro jew. This is not a Jewish thing to me. But I'd love to meet a few of the 'old-right' thinkers who don't think the right response to being publicly reviled and attacked with bike locks is more 'tolerance'.

Should we show tolerance as they cram us into the boxcars? Should we show tolerance when they shave our heads and load us into the gas chamber? Should be be tolerant of their desire to skin our families and make lampshades of them? If (and maybe when) it comes to that, you know who has two thumbs and is going to be very goddamned intolerant? (I'll give you a hint, I'm having trouble typing too.)

My unnamed Jewish academic friend said it well. There are the tough jews, and the psycho-analytic Jews. The tough Jews are the Israelis, and the psycho-analytic jews are... well... they're all liberals.

I know Jonah couldn't care less what a third rate amateurish blogger with dyslexic spelling thinks, but in my mind he should finally take that Editorial job at "The Nation" and quit trying to tell us how to save America by making it into something it's never going to be able to be. Come out of the closet Jonah. It's obvious what you're really about.

You can't cure a body by being against liver cancer, but having no strong opinion of other cancers in a general sense.

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