Tuesday, July 18, 2017

- A Dangerous Bit Of Propaganda

The Z man has a typically interesting piece on his blog concerning this:

“A Dangerous Idea”

At a glance the movie looks to be a liberal hit piece designed to delegitimize the science of genetics. (I mean … Robert Reich?) And in today's climate I’m sure it will get lots of support from the far left who seem to care less and less each day about any fact that could be described as objective.

But you never know. Facts are persistent things, and this movie looks to me like an admission that the genetic and biological facts are inescapable. A great many others will no doubt see it the same way. And from that perspective the movie could simply be a rallying cry to get the liberal rank and file working on the next generation of sound bites that will be used to counter biology in the great liberal narrative machine.

And you never know. It wouldn't be the way to bet but there may even be something to be said for its arguments. The people I respect on the alt-right don’t advocate anything like the forced march progressive tactics that liberals happily use to crush their enemies. Jared Taylor, who is briefly shown in the clip, advocates for nothing except the right of free association, and treating white people with the same respect that America have always shown to it’s preferred minority groups.

Liberals see an idea like that as self evidently reprehensible. I mean, only a white supremacist would actually say an abhorrent thing like white people should be given all the same rights and privileges as minorities right? And while I know Robert Reich sees that as the same thing as wanting to put Jews in ovens, I'm not at all sure that their viewing audience will see it that way. Oh sure, they could carefully edit and spin Jared's statements, but to make him look like the evil caricature they need him to be, they're going to have to spin awfully hard. And that sort of thing often gets noticed. In the end they might not be convincing to anyone but themselves.

But people like Jared aren’t envisioning camps and ovens, or forced repatriations, let alone compulsory sterilization. And they all recognize that the policies our government puts in place to cope with the reality of bio-diversity should be based on compassion and respectful and decent treatment of all involved. The only place where they differ substantially from mainstream American culture is that they believe our policies should be rooted in facts rather than happy illusions. We should quit pretending that a man with an IQ of 80 can be the bestest Neurosurgeon ever, if we just throw enough money at the teacher’s unions.

That doesn’t sound like a particularly dangerous idea to me. Certainly less dangerous than the kind of anti-white bigotry so commonly on display on the left. The left’s happy illusion of white American ‘hatred’ being responsible for all evils in the world has engendered generations of rabid anti-white resentment by non white groups, and at least some of the violence that springs from that can and should be laid at their door. I don’t mean to equate anti-white hatred by minorities with forced sterilization, but the liberals should have to own their ‘dangerous idea’ too, shouldn’t they?

That quote from the clip by the way – that “we’ve learned nothing from the holocaust” is an interesting one given the liberal position. In Germany, a small fanatical minority convinced the majority of Germans that a small subset of their population outperformed the rest by being devious, cheating, and discriminating against them. To my eyes this sounds like exactly what America’s left wing Jewish population is doing with minorities and whites. Only in this model it's white America playing the role of the Jew, and blacks, latinos, and every other splinter group representing the Germans.

Ask that paragon of virtue Robert Reich or someone who shares his views, why black people don’t succeed in this country. Take his answer and replace the word white with the word ‘Jew’, and the result will sound exactly like something from the Nazi propaganda machine:

“The wealth of Jewish households is 13 times the median wealth of German households. German children represent 18% of the nation's preschool enrollment but make up nearly half of all children with multiple suspensions. Job applicants with Jewish-sounding names are 50% more likely to get called back for an interview than similarly qualified applicants with German-sounding names. And prison sentences for German men are nearly 20% longer than those of Jewish men convicted for similar crimes.”

The linked article is from CNN, long known as a bastion of White Supremacy and racism.

"Every Jew isn't guilty for every bad thing that's been done to every German," Wallis says. "But if we benefit from cooperating with Jew supremacy, then we are responsible for changing it. To tolerate Jewry in our social system is to be complicit."

Who precisely is promoting a dangerous idea? And who is it that hasn’t learned anything from the Holocaust? Maybe Jewish Liberal Americans learned a great deal from Hitler. And what they learned is to make sure the unthinking populace driven by feelings of resentment, identifies someone else other than Jews as their primary enemy. Maybe there really are dreams of camps and ovens in contemporary America. It's just a different group of people than the press imagines, who are the dreamers.

Does anyone know the yiddish word for 'Obergruppenfuhrer'?

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