Tuesday, July 11, 2017

- The Defenestration of Laci Green

I've been greatly expanding my familiarity with social media personalities for business reasons. So I want to say something about "l'Affaire Green."

I'll be honest, the whole things strikes me as a lightweight version of 'le defenestration de Derb'. Laci Green is a curvy-cute, Feminist youtuber, with a nice smile and a recently acquired alt-lightish boyfriend. She used to do sex ed videos for planned parenthood, but when she hooked up with Chris Ray Gun (an alt-ish youtuber), miracle of miracles, her mind started to change. Now she thinks that most evil of progressive heresies, that there may be something to be gained from 'conversation' with the opposition.

Much hilarity ensued.

Her most recent heresy points out an issue which was bound to bubble over. She pointed out that there are in fact just two biological sexes and no more. (See link above for reaction). The Gay community was always going to have an issue with the 'Trans' community because they've been saying for years that their own sexual preference was biologically (genetically) causal. The evidence for this has not yet been found, but the idea doesn't sound 'crazy' to the pros.

But the Trans people very specifically say otherwise, and even Canadian law mandates it that way. To fail to refer to a Trans person in Canada by the newly invented third person identifier of their choice (even if their choice changes every half hour) is now a crime punishable by 2 years in prison. There then is the contradiction. If you can be any gender you want and it's totally divorced from your biology, then it's learned. And if it's learned, then maybe it can be unlearned? This obviously is not a happy topic for inclusion among the gay community.

Green is coming down on the side of the Gay lobby in this fight, and I think it's the way to bet. Most people these days, even antiques like me, see the gay community as a more or less harmless subgroup of mostly amicable people who just want to lead their lives in peace. I'm all for being left alone to do 'ma thang', and see no reason why the same courtesy shouldn't be granted to homosexuals. I'm not crazy about their bullying of cake bakers or whatever, but in my view we have much bigger fish to fry right now.

But Trans people suffer from mental illness in the view of most people in the country. Maybe some small portion of them can be integrated into society with careful medical and psychological care, and more power to them. I wish ill on no man...woman...um... you get the idea. But the 99.7% of Americans who are not trans, have no inclination to being bullied by a group of people who more than anything seem to need a higher prozac dose and a better eye toward fashion. The infinitesimally tiny percentage of people who are confused about their sex should not be driving the cultural conversation. And that's all they seem to want to do.

Green's many fans obviously feel differently. It is dogma among the social justice advocates that whatever the 'oppressed' flavor du jour, one must always stand on the side of the destruction of social norms. Laci Green has made the ultimate progressive faux pas of actually thinking. And that's a sin that the SJW's cannot stand for.

So... she's been defenestrated from the cool kids table just as our man Derb was, and for the very same reason. Granted, she lacks his intellectual heft. But she's young yet, and wisdom has a way of creeping in for anyone who can actually use their brain. It takes time, but it happens. And she has at least shown the same kind of courage that the Derb has. And it's just as serious a thing to be thrown from the window by leftwing idiots as it is to be thrown from it by the right. So Kudos to miss Green for her chutzpah if nothing else. She's a brave soul on the right path. The path of thinking and stating the truth, popular or no. We should all commend her. I'm sure she can use the support.

And on the brighter side, we all remember what happened to the idea of speaking unpopular truth after 'The Derb' was unjustly punished for doing so right? It may not be the end of neo-marxist social justice. But the cracks are now visible, even to the cool kids.

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