Tuesday, July 11, 2017

- The Don Jr. Emails

So I've read the liberal view on the Don Jr. Email thread (my god, who could avoid it) and the NeverTrump view. The Trump supporter view doesn't seem to have changed much so far. And here's how it looks to me.

No law was broken base don the data available, even the NeverTrumper legal eagles say so. But it 'looks bad'. In the political sphere, 'looks bad' can have real consequences, which is why I hate politics. "Is bad" or "Is NOT bad". Those things make sense to me. "Looks bad?" That's a reflection of someone's feelings and I don't much care about people's feelings on topics of public policy. I care about what is, or isn't. Little else.

But the political pros all seem to believe that they've finally found a net to tangle up Trump the amateur, and his amateurish team. the law is very different for government officials and candidates, than it is for the private sector. Hillary Clinton would have found a way to properly insulate herself from the whole thing, but still 'do' things which are bad. So far it looks to me like Don Jr didn't do bad things, he just made it 'look bad. Call that his amateurish inexperience with transitioning from the private to the public sector if you like. The private sector is more about results and less 'looks'. But it isn't all 'results', especially at the highest levels. And Trump and Don Jr have been in those waters for a very long time. I don't expect anyhting to come of it.

I do know that you can't listen to the liberals on this, which is virtually any TV news show or major media publication, excepting Tucker Carlson. And you can't listen to the Nevertrumpers about 'how things look', but they will probably give you an honest read on what things are, or are not. The rest, we all have to find a way to figure out for ourselves.

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