Tuesday, July 11, 2017

- Game Of Memes

The meme war has been a source of some considerable entertainment for my bro. Every few hours for a couple of days, another text message would arrive on my phone from my brother with the CNN logo being smacked about in a cheaply put together piece of video showing Trumps face in place of the hero. Virtually every movie moment you can think of. I figure it's just a matter of time before I see Trump telling Don Jr. to "leave the gun and take the Cannolis."

But when I step back from it a sec, it seems pretty extraordinary.

Think about it. CNN gets their feelings hurt by the disrespectful temerity of the original Trump retweeted gif, which exactly zero people took seriously, and goes off in a series of Feminist like delusional rants on air about how this will put "journalists lives at risk". Hysterical? Of course. Hyperbolic? Definitely. But did they actually believe it? Maybe. Because the very next thing they did was dig up the name of the 15 year old kid (or whomever) who created the original image and demand his contrition. Some nobody teenager who no doubt thought he was just making a joke.

It has a kind of medieval hollywood villain feel to it - we can't hurt the man so let's go grab his children and see how he feels about disrespecting us then! Off goes the henchman with the scar (or whomever) to grab up the kids. It's a very Lannister-esque move.

They grab the kid, or in this case his identity, and then proudly announce to the unwashed that they know who it is and if he makes one false move, his life will be utterly destroyed. In the digital age this is precisely the same as if "Ser Meryn Trant", trembling with near orgasmic glee off camera, was holding a knife to the kid's throat.

The kid was contrite of course - he's a kid. But did the unwashed realize that they can't resist the tyrannical might of house Zucker and go back to cowering in their filth? Did they avert their eyes, think of their own children and quietly go back to scrubbing out chamber pots in the hope that they or their kids aren't next? Or did they realize that any house that has to threaten a kid like they have is probably weaker than they seem?

Almost immediately came the answer. Hundreds of new jokes were created, some of them funnier than the original, and Joffrey Zucker had no choice but to close up the red keep, order bowmen to the parapets, and hope it didn't get so out of control that he can't contain it. CNN did precisely that thing, ordering all their torturous minions off of Twitter for an extended period, in order to avoid more loss of face.

People have said that this shows how 'out of touch' CNN is, but I don't think that's the case. It's not about being out of touch, it's about contempt. Contempt for America, and the people that care about it. It's about seeing themselves as the new aristocracy. It's about a digital Tyranny, and a house that's clearly about to fall. They don't deserve their power any more than the Lannisters do, but they have until now had all the power of their megaphone, and that has been hard to combat.

The CNN team truly believed that this meme represented a serious threat to their authority, or they wouldn't have gone to such trouble and risked so much to silence it. You can blame some of the reaction on jewish paranoia and a Joffrey like level of managerial incompetence. But that doesn't change the fact that they feel deeply threatened. And though the original meme might not have represented what they feared, the rest of them certainly do.

House Zucker is weak. House Zucker is about to fall. But probably not before we see some big green explosion of desperation where they at least try to 'take everyone down' with them.

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