Wednesday, July 5, 2017

- Horsesh** And Immigration

I personally don't mind a little horsesh**. NYC has some. You'll find it along Central Park South, in the park roads, and along broadway down to Times Square where the police still use horses for crowd control, and the handsome cabs still make a living charging the tourists ridiculous prices to see the sites. But this smallish town in Quebec feels differently.

No one can dispute that it's dirty, and it smells bad. Though it's a very specific kind of bad. It's certainly not as offensive to my my nose as say the smell of the filth covered woman with the 4 inch long toenails who has camped out in Union square. It's not as offensive as the smell of the subway car where the homeless man has set up shop with his imaginary friends. Horse's digestions are famously ineffective, so while it smells bad, it doesn't do so for long. And there are few diseases that can cross between horses and men. Not too long ago we put the stuff in our gardens for god's sake. In small enough portions it's just not that offensive.

A New York City with 2 million horses would be filthy. New York City with 200 horses is a nice addendum to the urban landscape. Kind of like cultural diversity. A small percentage of people from other cultures is totally fine and manageable wherever they're from, and however much they may find their host country reprehensible. But when the numbers get high enough it's a problem.

Immigration and horsesh**. A little is lovely. Too much is a problem. And these days we're covered in immigrants.

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