Monday, July 31, 2017

- It's Probably Just Me

I think it's kind of funny that in the 70's and 80's while Soviet style Communism was finally blowing apart, it was the likes of Milton Friedman, an Austrian School Economist, whose voice was becoming most prominent, and turning us away from an obviously failed ideology. He taught us all the advantage of individual liberty, and we all reaped the benefits of it. But it was the crowds that chose him among all the other voices. People put that to Reagan, but politics is downstream of culture, and Reagan only said the things he did because he learned them from men like Friedman.

These days, with Social Justice arguably as over-reached as Communism was when it was about to fall, with the University system of the west in ruins and the Europe totally unable to find the will to push back against it's own invasion, it's the voices of Psychologists who are coming to the fore in the mass media. Steven Pinker, Jonathan Haidt, and Jordan Peterson each from their own perspectives, are offering the best counter-points to the psychosis that is social justice.

Where the Social Justice Warriors dishonestly insisting that victimhood is virtue and no one has a valid voice unless they belong intersectionally to victimized groups, these three men are arguing the inherent virtue of individualism, and the importance of balance and honesty.

It's an interesting point-counterpoint I think. When economics was the question economists 'became' the answer. Now that the problem is a kind of mass psychosis, it's psychologist who are 'becoming' the answer.

There might be some wisdom to the crowd after all, it seems to me.

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