Tuesday, July 11, 2017

- Jamelle Boiue's Invisible Principles

Any of you guys remember what happened that time that Jamelle Bouie tweeted one of my pieces to show how horrible I was for being willing to ask what language should be included in the gun debate? I was on the side of 'more talk' and he was on the side of "shut up you psychotic racist!" (see the comments section if you're unsure.)

Well these days Jamelle seems more pissed off that we're 'not' having the conversation he wants. He wants to be talking about... wait for it... THAT RIGHT! RUSSIA! and he's very annoyed that Donald Trump doesn't take his cues from a second rate hyperbolically liberal opinionator who is as detached from reality as anyone in media.

That's all I can find in his piece - his horror that Donald Trump doesn't take the issue as seriously as he does. The lack of evidence doesn't matter. The lack of leading innuendo doesn't matter. The fact that CNN producers (who started the whole thing) are on camera saying it's a nothingburger doesn't matter. Even the fact, which Jamelle admits, that if they did try to influence the election it didn't accomplish a damned thing, doesn't matter. If Jamelle Bouie didn't exist, Chuck Schumer would have to conjure him from thin air. Which for all the points that Jamelle's 'thinking' touches reality, Chuckie might as well have.

And since Jamelle has already clearly established that he is firmly on the side of 'shut up you psychotic racist' as a matter of political principle, I find his demand for more talk confusing. I mean, you'd almost think the guy doesn't have any principles whatsoever, and his entire pose is just a will to power where principles can and will be bent and twisted however he sees fit, so long as it serves a liberal agenda. That's the key of course. Liberals want to set the agenda.

The main reason that your worldview should be as close an approximation of real life as is possible, is so that you don't go walking off any tall balconies, or playing tag with a Madison Avenue bus. It's quite literally a survival instinct. And if you let your ego get in the way of that and believe whatever you want to believe, sooner or later, you'll end up bitter, angry and a source of misery for others. Until the bus gets you.

You're past your due date Jamelle. You can't control the agenda when you can't face reality. We will never be as suicidally delusional as the folks you run with, so you'd do us all a big favor if you stopped trying and let the grown ups run civilization.

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