Wednesday, July 19, 2017

- Jared Taylor Going Mainstream

A conversation. That's what they call it. In most cases a 'conversation' or 'an honest conversation' means 'shut up you hateful bigot and let me talk about how I feel!' But the video below is a slightly different version.

In this case it means allowing the 'interviewer' to impart their own ideas to the interview rather than having to listen to the interviewee. It's really about the 'journalist' self aggrandizing, and taking what they universally see as their 'proper role as arbiters of the truth'. As if the person asking the questions matters as much as the person answering them. But since that's all the journalist class ever talk about, we all know how they feel already - and we're all pretty sick of listening to it.

With that said, this interview isn't so bad. Jared Taylor has been at this 'honest discussion about race' stuff longer than virtually everyone. He knows all the tricks, and has crafted his manner and message in such a way that he can fend off virtually all of the shallow empty rhetoric that liberal journalists use to shut up their opposition and paint them as the most sinful bigots to ever bigot.

But the topic changes are clearly designed to give the interviewer the last word on everything. And trying to attribute some blame to Jared for Dylan Roof and then denying doing so 2 minutes later is a an obvious dodge and probably over the line. On the whole it's as shamelessly one sided effort as anyone in the 'journalism' class has ever made, and is an excellent example of why we all hate them.

But Jared still does well with it over all.

Here's Jared:

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