Sunday, July 9, 2017

- Joliet Jonah And Elwood Applebaum

You have to give the NYTimes credit where it's due. Yes, they are for the most part hyper-partisan uber left liberals. But they've been at this for a very long time, and they know when the time has come for a 'tactical retreat' from their positions. Trump's Warsaw speech is apparently such a moment.

This piece is an excellent example of this. Rather than continuing to insist absent evidence that they represent the 'center' of American politics (a laughable idea to much of the country) they instead shift to defining both the left and the right, and publishing snippets of both. In my mind I call this the 'Blues Brothers' tactic.

But that isn't the overton window that the rest of the country is seeing. 40% of the country now gets its news exclusively from the web, which is on average FAR to the right of the intelligentsia. Jonah Goldberg, as I very publicly stated yesterday isn't 'of the right' anymore than Anne Applebaum is. He may be to the right of her (and the New York Times in general) but he has totally conceded the moral ground to the NYTimes and the left, and no longer tries to pretend otherwise.

Though this latest tactic from the Times is probably couched in what I would call shabby thinking about 'normalization of ideas' and de-platforming, I can find this forgivable if it were anyone but a major media producer like the New York Times. Solipsism alone makes most people believe that THEY are in the center whether they are or not. Honest to god Neo-Nazis (both of them) believe they're opinion is in the center of 'the real' facts, as does any avowed Marxist.

But this is the ocean which the New York Times swims in. They aren't making this move due to a lack of accurate introspection. If they really were that clueless they'd have been out of business 3 generations ago. They are doing this as a calculated move to define the 'rational' playing field, and to specifically exclude the smart people with real thinking on the 'actual' political right. It's a new kind of conscious de-platforming for people who share the Bannon view, and to keep the dialog' where they want it.

It's probably a mistake to think this is ever going to change. At least not until the NYTimes building is surrounded by an angry mob. But that doesn't mean we all shouldn't be aware of what looks to me like a relatively new play in the game.

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