Monday, July 17, 2017

- Meanwhile... In An Alternate Fictional Universe

McKenzie Kyger is a normal kid, stuck in a very abnormal situation. She seems to be of more or less average intelligence. She is more or less average looking - she's not a fashion model, or a spittle flecked 300lb blue haired Feminist. She seems to have a normal vocabulary, a normal temperament, and more or less normal ability to perceive the real world we all live in, without too much Solipsistic Narcissism clouding her judgement. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a normal American kid. Unless of course you attend Evergreen State College, which unfortunately for her, MCKenzie Kyger does.

Social Justice Warriors, particularly of the Black Lives Matter variety, probably got a great deal of emotional satisfaction from seeing how upset McKenzie was while offering her testimony at the Board meeting, and in this interview below. She's a white girl with blonde hair. Making her feel bad is big part of the point for them. They want her to feel frightened and disenfranchised. They want to see her cry and cower in her dorm room.

Its hard to imagine restoring reason and order in a place like Evergreen, where the alleged adults have been so quick to capitulate to the forces of insanity. But western civilization is a pretty sophisticated thing. They've stopped being a source of learning so by now they will have lost a meaningful portion of their private funding, and since the demands of the student activists violated US anti-discrimination law, they will probably lose their public funding too. Eventually.

In the meantime, students like McKEnzie will be the collateral damage of a world gone mad. With a daughter about to leave for one of these August institutions, her video only makes me wonder where Mr. Kyger, her father is.

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