Friday, July 7, 2017

- A Media Secret From Columbine

This is an interesting look at the more literate of one of the Columbine Shooters. To my ear it basically says that Eric Harris was psychologically the same as any Social Justice Warrior, he just didn't have enough intersectional 'oppression points' to get the sympathy that comes with victimhood in their world. Had he gotten that sympathy, things at Columbine might have gone very differently.

But it does beg the question of how our degrading culture fostered his mental illness. How much does it matter that this kid was treated by all the authority figures around him as a powerless object. He was never told about the personal agency he had to determine the future of his own life. Just like all the social justice warriors, he was instead told that he could do nothing to improve his lot, and he was powerless to change his future. His future was determined by imaginary forces that controlled him utterly, and that he could only oppose them collectively (where he lacked the oppression points for inclusion) or through an act of desperation. In some sense, his rebellion was a reaction to that. An evil attempt to get control of some aspect of his life. A control he really had all along, but no one ever told him so.

The media focused on his love of Nazis, and his obvious psychopathy. But this is a much better, more realistic view of what was actually going on in his head.

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