Friday, July 7, 2017

- More Heartiste Worthy Science!

The problem with these Jordan Peterson talks is that they're the kind of thing I can listen to while I'm doing something else, so long as what I'm doing isn't talking on the phone. 400 hours is a lot of content, and I'm getting through about 2.5 hours of them a day, so I'll be at it a while.

This one got my attention, but you need to listen to it from the 45:20 Mark to hear the "Sneaky F*cker" strategy of mating. (It's not very long) It describes the "Male Feminist" Phenotype to a tee, and argues very strongly for simply hauling off and slugging any "Male Feminist" in the face, the moment he self identifies, and comes anywhere near your women.

That's !Science! supporting the broader Heartiste position, which should surprise none of you.

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