Thursday, July 27, 2017

- Oh Captain My Captain

William Shatner boldly goes where few men have gone before... he dumps directly on SJW's.

I always liked the little guy. He is grounded in a way that few celebrities are, and has a sense of humor about himself. My all time favorite 'Star Trek' quote comes from the stupid movie they did about going back in time to save the whales. As the crew strides off into 1987 San Francisco after landing their cloaked (and stolen) Klingon bird of prey in the middle of Golden Gate Park, Captain Kirk loudly says "Everyone remember where we parked." I always hoped it was an ad lib. This doesn't seem to be the case because if it were, one of the multitudes of Star Trek geeks would have figured it out by now and said so.

Shatner is humble in a way, clever in a way, and very good humored. He is by no means perfect, and I suspect he would be the first to tell you so. But if all actors were like him, the country would be a much better place.

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