Saturday, July 29, 2017

- Publishing Elsewhere

I've been publishing a few business related articles on other formats, under my own name. Ikaika gave me a 'like' about 10 seconds after I published one this morning, which was nice of him... but it reminded me to leave this note. For those of you who know my full name, you might want to consider looking elsewhere to read them. But this blog is so polemic that I think I'd prefer to keep the two separate for now.

I'm perfectly willing to defend every word I've ever written here. But I see no reason to call down the lightning. I utterly reject and deny that I possess 'hate' for anyone, let alone entire groups of people. But you know how the social justice left loves to take things out of context.

I'm trying to do something professionally right now which will result in, not only a benefit to me and the people I care about, but to society at large as well. And I'd hate to see that derailed by the vengeful left and their desire for scalps.

So if you read my stuff elsewhere, please remember that I would prefer not to have it too directly associated with this body of work for the time being. At least not until I'm in a better position to defend myself for it. Thanks.

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ikaika said...

Hence why I use a pseudonym