Thursday, July 20, 2017

- Skinny In Minny

Here is the NYTimes account of what's going down in Minneapolis. It's nice to know they can find a Policeman they can support. It's a shame the only one they can find to support is the same guy who shot an unarmed white woman in her pajamas from the safety of his police cruiser, for 'startling' him. From the tone, You'd almost think the NYTimes doesn't like white people.

As a reminder, PJ O'Rourke in his book "Give War A Chance" spent some time in Mogadishu when US troops were trying to pacify the place. Speaking confidentially and anonymously, an American Army Captain had the following suggestion for the best thing we could do for the Somalis:

"Seal The borders, and arm the population."

Combat soldiers are very clear thinking, or they aren't combat soldiers for long. The irreducibility of having someone try to kill you for a living, has a way of purging all the pretty illusions about the nature of man. Your view either matches reality very closely (the closer the better), or very quickly, you no longer get to play.

Having had some personal experience with Somalis in Minneapolis, (and not particularly caring for the passive aggressive 'Minnesota Nice' nature of the white residents) I say we should heed that unnamed soldier's advice. And if the Somalis there don't like it, there is a whole country in the east of Africa where they can turn it into precisely the kind of society they want it to be without any interference from those raciss Americans.

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