Monday, July 31, 2017

- Why I'm So Proud...

... of my eternally clever daughter. At one point she had a whole bunch of her classmates convinced that Reince Priebus's middle name was Rhombus.

Tell me it wouldn't make you glow with pride too. I can't wait what she's telling her suburban rich kid friends about the Mooch right now.

There are a few movies which the Trading floor guys on Wall Street have embraced fully, and in a way define the culture. There is Caddyshack, of course. A guy I used to work with on the Swaps desk at Deutsche Bank used to be able to recite the entire movie, line by line, in a pretty decent impersonation of every character who said it. (Not just the Bill Murray stuff who everyone does.) Then there is the movie Airplane, which see's it's best lines repeated ad infinitum.

And of course, the movie to define ruthlessness - The Godfather. "Leave the gun, take the Cannolis" is a very common phrase (or used to be anyway), or Clemenza's report back to Sonny on the whereabouts of Pauly, "Oh Pauly, won't see him no more."

Well it seems the Mooch is going back to his roots. 10 days in the Whitehouse, and all it cost him was his wife, his child, his marriage (with 50% of his assets along with it no doubt) and the respect of virtually everyone in America. So much for shooting for the stars huh Mooch?

Somewhere right now, Steve Bannon is asking General Kelly where the Mooch is, and he's hearing those immortal words, "Oh Mooch, Won't see him no more."

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