Thursday, August 31, 2017

- I'm So Racist...

... that it took me 1/2 an hour to figure this out:

A Greek Life leader accidentally sparked mass hysteria after he placed a banana peel on a tree in the woods -- because he could not find a trash can.

The Daily Mississippian reports that three black students found the banana peel -- and were apparently triggered by what they saw.

... oh wait I get it. Monkeys right? This is some reference to monkeys? Am I right? did I get it?

The very first thought I had was that some enterprising capitalist someplace will be selling bananas in the parking lot of the Mississippi State Game this year so the fans can throw them on the field. I mean, if they're all so afraid of them... no?

I swear to god it took me ages to see it.

- Only In New York

Cops have arrested a self-proclaimed “vampire” seen dining al fresco on a pigeon in Bryant Park, guaranteeing a stint in a darkened jail cell — or a rubber room, police said Thursday.

Daniel Ventre is facing animal cruelty charges for killing at least one pigeon near the Midtown park’s water fountain about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Witnesses saw the homeless man ripping off the head of a pigeon while standing shin-deep in the park’s famous fountain and slurping down the dead bird’s blood.

He told horrified onlookers that he was a vampire and needed the bird’s blood to survive.

The cops caught him jumping a turnstile a few blocks away. No word on his 'oppression' under the white, male, heterosexual, human patriarchy.

- Tom's Pet Peeves

Apart from driving 55 in the left lane (for which the penalty should be summary execution by the side of the road, and leaving the body someplace visible to be picked at by turkey buzzards as warning to others), the only thing that comes close to annoying me as much, is people who do the same thing on the sidewalks. From the UK Independent:

We’ve all thought about shoving slow walkers out of the way when in a hurry - but it turns out they could actually be heading for a far worse fate.

According to a new study, healthy adults who are slow walkers are twice as likely to die from heart disease as those of us who walk at a more brisk pace.

It's not the slow speed that technically annoys me, it's the degree to which the slow stroller is oblivious of their surroundings, and utterly inconsiderate of others. The world doesn't revolve around you fat-ass, some of us have places to be. So please drag your behemoth hind quarters over to the side and let the rest of us normal people by.

I confess, it is a small comfort to know that Darwin is equally annoyed with them. But not nearly as satisfying as the buzzards would be.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

- The Fable Of Jordan Peterson

- Antifa Vs. Wheelchair Bound Veteran

Their courage in standing up to a wheelchair bound, senior citizen and military vet astounds me, but I'm sure it's OK because he's probably a Nazi Fascist Racist Transphobe.

Yet these are the people that the REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP is afraid to denounce.

OK. That's said. Now let me say this.

The way fringe movements grow is in cycles. I think of it like inhaling and exhaling. They do somehting stupid, it's caught on camera, and their numbers shrink and their opposition grows. Then something stupid is done to them, their numbers grow, and their opposition shrinks. Both stupid events draw attention to the issue, and get more 'fringy' people who hadn't heard of them, interested in finding out what they're about.

Antifa draws from resentment. Have you noticed how over-represented Lesbians are in their movement? It's because lesbians are consumed by it. They're profoundly bitter and resentful that due to bad luck, they were born so unattractive that no quality man would want them. They're so convinced of this that they've used the elasticity of female sexual preference and given up on men entirely. But they haven't given up on the hatred. On the contrary, post-modernist Feminism has only fueled their rage and justified it by making them see themselves as the 'oppressed' victims.

Have a look at this pic from the Memorial Service for the woman killed in Charlottesville:

They showed up there as self appointed guardians because 'the police won't protect the people'. (I love the little hearts on their helmets don't you? That's how people know that they're only Trumping Hate with Love... and baseball bats.)

How 'oppressed' do those girls look to you? Is dressing up like art school brownshirts the kind of thing that 'oppressed' people do? Can you recall the Jews in 1939 dressing up in colorful outfits with shield emblazoned with stars of David and baseball bats?

Getting away from the delusional high school dress up idea, these are women who know they have failed at being women, and have decided in every way they can, to try to be men. The results are comical on one level, but deadly serious on another. The Love that Trumps Hate is all as obviously fake as the little hearts on their helmets. They only plan to trump hate with more hate. But the baseball bats are deadly real. And four fattie bull dykes with baseball bats can kill a man. Really. Barring lucky punches and being better on his feet that I remember, they could beat Mike Tyson to death if they wanted.

No way you say? Ok, maybe these idiots aren't quite up to that level. But what about 10 of them, or 20, or 50? I'm telling you, no man can survive being beaten by a large armed crowd fueled by delusional rage and out for blood. That's not how violence works. These women are angry, bitter, resentful, and are planning on venting all that rage at someone. And as these two extreme idiot movements grow they're going to.

I'm really very concerned about this. These people are delusional enough to convince themselves of anything. If they decide to 'protect' the polling places from 'the Nazi Police', then there is every possibility that this thing finally spirals out of control.

- Questions About Charlottesville

I've been interested in the Charlottesville crash, because there are some genuine questions that I'd like to have answered about it. For example, why was the maroon mini-van (the front car in the three car collision) sitting in the intersection driverless, when the crash occurred? It can clearly be seen blocking the street 5 full minutes ahead of the crash, with the intersection in front of it totally empty, and the driver (who ended up on the hood of the minivan) behind the wheel. Why was it still there?

Second, who specifically were the people injured, what was the extent of their injuries, and where are they now? Can we identify these people and determine exactly what was going on at the time? Third, who was the mob of people who rushed the car immediately after the crash and started bashing in windows with baseball bats? To my eyes one of them was smashed pretty aggressively into the nose of the truck parked behind the crash as the driver sped away, and clearly wasn't going anywhere afterward. So it must be pretty easy to figure out who he is and ask him some questions. And what about the guy who can very clearly be seen hitting the speeding car with a stick as it approached the accident site? What's Xis story?

I don't understand why journalists aren't asking someone.

With all that said though, I'm deeply dubious that this was some kind of 'false flag'. Antifa are a bunch of defective idiots given courage only by the mob at their backs. And to be a false flag, this would have to involve some serious planning and secrecy. I just don't think Antifa and BLM ara capable of it. There are crazies on youtube claiming this 'live streamed' crash involves CGI and added sound effects. That's all nonsense. The guy really drove his car into a bunch of people. We don't know why precisely, and we don't know the precise circumstances that set him off. But we know he drove the car. That's settled with physical evidence. Even 4chan isn't curious about that.

In my mind the singular question was whether he was an idiot who was being attacked by a mob armed with sticks and bats and panicked, or if he was an idiot filled with rage who intended to hurt people. Theoretically we'll all hear what he or his attorney have to say about it. But one person can be clearly seen hitting his car with a stick before the crash. So what that was about.

Does that person simply wail on any passing cars as they drive by too quickly to clearly identify the driver? Is he the local town imbecile who has been doing that for years, and is quietly tolerated because he's related to the mayor or something? Or was Xe their cue from events and people further up the street (and out of frame of all the footage) who had been doing the same, and who had inevitably set off the panic which resulted in the crash? I'd feel a lot more certain we're going to get answers about it all if a few journalists decided to actually look into this mess.

The way to bet of course is that this was all the product of stupidity. It was a mob feeding off it's own anger on both sides, and it all got tragically out of hand. The maroon mini-van driver was probably a sympathetic party to Antifa and decided to wait for 5 comfortable minutes in her car and then get out to participate in 'the movement'. She looks the type who would decide to drive to a 'march' so save wear and tear on her overloaded hips or knees.

The mob that rushed the car afterward were all probably Antifa and BLM protesters 'peacefully' carrying baseball bats to their 'peaceful' counter protest, and were already in the crowd of people who jumped aside as the car approached. The person who hit his car before the accident was just 'peacefully' trumping hate with violence instead of love.

But to the crazies of youtube, a ton of conjecture and obvious error constitutes 'proof' that the whole thing is cover-up of proportions that no one involved in Antifa is capable of. It's evidence that the poor persecuted idiot behind the wheel of his charger is a patsy, being burned to suppress the political right. This is nonsense.

There are real questions, and it would be nice to get real answers. It's a shame we no longer have any journalists interested in pursuing that kind of thing, especially since it involves an unpopular group. But even the reason for that isn't much of a mystery.

- Leaving Nothing

I confess, I don't get burning man. All I've been able to tell is that it's something to do with going back to a mesozoic economic model, nudity, and drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. I spent most of my career in an industry which had occasional drug testing so that was out for me, and over the decades I lost the taste for it. I like alcohol, but even that I try to moderate, so I don't think burning man would work well for me.

But it seems there was one couple who brought a little of the bourgeois lifestyle to burning man. Get a load of this happy couple, who got married at this year's event:

Nothing says marital bliss like this huh? A closeted (probably) gay man, marrying a seriously overweight woman, at an arts festival in the Nevada desert, surrounded by half naked and stoned out of their mind hippies. I'm sure both weeks of their marriage will be utter bliss.

The 'rules' for burning man read to me like Ikea furniture instructions translated from pictogram to Karakalpak, and then back to English. In the broadest terms I think it's about taking all of our natural biologically proven instincts crafted over the millennia of our evolution, tossing them out the window, and replacing them with the kind of behavior that would lead to almost instantaneous extinction of the species if universally adopted. Everything of any value to society must be summarily rejected, and the more useless and pointless something it is, the higher it must be elevated. All 'performed' to serve the single and exclusive purpose of immediate sensory gratification.

I have a friend who has attended a few times. He's a successful guy, my age, with a much younger (and very attractive) wife. (No... not the Derb) I don't know precisely what they do when they're there, and I've been afraid to ask him directly. When it comes to things like burning man, I strongly suspect that a little ignorance of personal behavior goes quite a long way.

The festival as displayed in the media, reminds me of a rave I attended in a Brooklyn warehouse a few years ago, when I was also temporarily with a much younger woman. I had never been to a rave but had heard stories, and immediately post-divorce Tom was feeling a little more adventurous than normal, so I said I'd go. It was Hawaiian themed, so I threw on some white jeans and loud shirt, she slipped into a grass skirt, bikini top and fuzzy ankle bracelets, and off we went, sandal clad, into the drizzly 40 degree NYC night.

When we got there we found music so loud that the crust of the earth was trembling. Inside the decorated warehouse there were a few hundred bored and anxious looking people surrounding a dance floor where about 50 more shook and shimmied to the beyond thunderous beat. Everyone there seemed as if they were waiting for something important to happen. There was very little alcohol, and no tobacco or pot smoke that I could detect. My date's friend, an organizer of the event who had invited us, explained that a great many of the people there were probably on other drugs, but if they were it didn't look like whatever drug it was, was very much fun.

Alcohol breaks down barriers and opens up social interaction. Inhibitions fall away and to the degree they participate, everyone comes together in a shared group experience. These people were all very much alone. There was no real interaction between anyone let alone strangers, and it was so loud there was no way to communicate anyway. We stood around waiting with all the other people for a few hours and then Uber'd it back to Manhattan. I was told later that it was considered a great success.

I didn't get it.

I've spent my life trying to make the world better in petty bourgeois ways. Build a business, turn a profit, help a friend. Leave more things of value behind when I'm gone than there were when I got here. I'm not a great man I'm a small one, and the net effect of my life on the world will be small overall. Such is the way it is for most of us. But I do believe that when I finally go, hopefully many years from now, my net effect will be viewed as a positive one, however immeasurably small it may be.

But 'Burning Man' and rave counterculture isn't like that. It isn't about making the world better. It's isn't about doing anything at all as far as I can tell. Celebrate your narcissistic 'experience'? Sure. Revel in the pointlessness? OK. Haul a bunch of useless garbage into the middle of nowhere, only to destroy it and then carry the newly destroyed garbage back home with you? Yep.

Take off all your clothes and lay around in the dust and act crazy if you want to, but the one thing you must never ever do at burning man is contribute to humanity in any useful or meaningful way. That would be 'wrong' to these people. And you can tell it would because the rules explicitly say so. The most comprehensible rule of the festival is the very last 'rule' of burning man.

Leave nothing behind.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

- You're Not Helping Guys

It seems a well known and oft-retweeted staple of the neo-con right is run by the guys in the video below. And I feel the need to run through some of my knowledge of American Jewry to set it up for those readers who think these guys are typical Jewish Americans.

Jews in my experience, fall into three general categories. Reformed, Orthodox, and Hasidic. The reformed jew was your roommate in college, the guy from the basketball league, or who lives down the block married to the nice Irish or asian girl. They're your typical modern, leftist jews - unmistakable from any other American except for the middle eastern features. They sometimes eat bacon, or marry outside the faith. Think Jerry Seinfeld.

Then you have 'orthodox' jews. They won't eat pork or lobster, will only marry a jewish girl, probably won't perform 'work' on Saturdays except in a lifesaving emergency, and their most recognizable outward feature is that the men usually wear yarmulkes and the wives keep their heads covered and dress conservatively. Think 'Ben Shapiro'.

Then you have the Hasidic jews. They dress in traditional clothing with traditional hairstyles, tend to be separatist and prefer not to socialize with people outside their group, and can in some cases tend toward militancy. They are the Mennonites of the Jews, if Mennonites worked in the diamond industry instead of farming, and had no problem with killing other non-mennonites if it comes to it.

These are by no means all the differences between them, not even close. In fact I understand there is substantial division between and within all the groups. But you now know enough to recognize one group from the other at a glance on a New York City street corner. "He just looks jewish" is reformed, Conservative black modern clothing and Yarmulke, he's orthodox, and curls, clothes from 1800's Poland, with a nasty look on his face and a gun in his belt, Hassidic.

Being a Catholic and a fan of both lobster and bacon, and having worked in the New York financial community for nearly 3 decades, I can't count the number of reformed jews I know, work and socialize with and am also proud to call friends. To be honest I barely notice anymore.

I've known a few Orthodox jews over the years, and have found them to be generally more politically conservative than my reformed jew friends, and have socialized with many. Personally I find their piety reassuring, sincere, and admire them for it. But their religious restrictions can make a few kinds of social interaction difficult, so I'm not friendly with as many.

I don't know any Hassidic Jews, but I've lived near them for ages. When I was training for the Marathon I used to run around my 6 mile long block in NJ past the Apple orchards and Horse Farms, and passed several Hassidic Jews on their way to Temple on Saturdays. The most notable thing about them was that while everyone else was polite and respectful as I jogged past, "Good morning" etc, the Hassidic Jews would neither acknowledge my existence, nor respond to my greetings. No once, not ever. They weren't 'bad neighbors' per se, but it was clear they wanted nothing to do with me, which I guess is the whole meaning of separatist.

These guys are Hassidic going by the look, and their attitude isn't helping we pro-jew Alt-thinkers who are trying to make the case that they are more or less just like the rest of us.

- Cockroaches And Sunlight

The folks at Campus Reform got wind of a BAMN strategy meeting in Berkeley, and tried to get in there with their cameras. The results were what you expect. One of the things that has typified more recent ANTIFA/BAMN riots is their antipathy for anyone with a camera. Several news people were attacked in Charlottesville, and Berkeley, and in other videos you can clearly hear the ANTIFA/BAMN folks ordering people to put their cameras down and not to film them.

They know they're losing the online video battle because it shows what really happened instead of the heavily spun media narrative.

The video below is the result. Clearly this is not a bunch of people who believe that being honest and open with the general public is going to win them friends. I'm ve promised myself I'll listen to the whole thing and if there is anything interesting to report other than ideological people screaming at each other, I'll let you know below.


Well the alinskyite tactics were pretty perfectly executed... by Campus Reform. They made BAMN live up to their own standards. When the white women shoved the Sikh man it was a white person oppressing a minority. When they were accused of being white supremacists the black man with CR spoke up, when they were accused of being Nazi's, the Jew with CR spoke up. There were constant accusations of 'whitesplaining' and other rhetorical nonsense thrown back in the BAMN faces. Beyond that it was just a bunch of screaming and a few Campus police who in my opinion, did their jobs, calmed the situation, and settled the dispute.

There was also some Sun Tsu here as well. BAMN organized an open public meeting with fliers everywhere in what they know is friendly territory (a copy of which CR produced for the police) so CR dove right in. They were successful at it because they knew not to take the charges seriously, and no one else would either. Show them for the hysterical nutjobs they are. That seems to have been their only plan. But eventually, BAMN decided that rather than have CR attend, they would relocate to some location off campus. That must be annoying for them.

The key to Antifa/BAMN is hysteria. Everyone is a Nazi, everyone is a klan member and a white supremacist, whether you're white, black, brown, or subscribe to any ideology that isn't theirs. The people wearing uniforms and using violence in the street claim that they aren't the brown shirts (who were a bunch of guys who wore uniforms and used violence in the streets), it's everyone else.

Excellent job CR.

- What Comes After Flooding

Some of my long time friends are affected by the Houston flooding, but for them in particular, I'm told it's more inconvenience than crisis. I have no reports on my extended family in the area, but we're a resilient lot so I assume no news is good news.

But one day the rains will stop, the water will subside, and a new terror will take the the air to torture and torment Lone Star state residents. That water will collect and stagnate in every pocket and divot. And in short order, huge clouds of the aerial menace will take to the skies. I'd hate to be visiting Houston a month from now.

Monday, August 28, 2017

- What Comes After Nazi?

So I'm trying to make sure I have all this straight. When you first start to win the argument with a liberal, you're a sexist homophobe. As you present supporting information, you become a Racist Misogynist homophobe (note the caps), and when it becomes clear that your supporting evidence is in point of fact, the latest scientific consensus, you become a RACIST NAZI F***.

So what comes after Nazi? Is there some ad hominem slander that comes after that or are liberals really running out of ammo? It's hard to imagine anyone in popular culture more reviled than Nazis, amiright? They can call us 'cossacks' I guess, but that's more than a few generations back now and doesn't have the same punch as Nazi. All the real contemporary enemies of the jews are people that the left actually supports, so they can't exactly go down that road.

I suppose they could accuse of being 'actual slave owners'. The left's lack of grounding in reality is already pretty substantial and hasn't held them back so far, so what harm would there be in imagining 21st century plantations and chains into the picture? (Of course I mean imaginary plantations that are somehow different from the actual plantations that they're also in favor of.)

I think the truth about racial average IQ gap between blacks and whites is that it's pretty tragic. It represent a sticky and difficult problem for our society to find a way to cope with (other than 3 or 4 more generations of utter appeasement) and there are no easy solutions.

But since the left wants to continue to use them as foot soldiers, to them the low IQ is a feature not a bug. It not only makes blacks easy to manipulate, and keeps the fact that it's actually the left that has destroyed black American culture from becoming common knowledge in that community.

So the left had better hope that black America never figures out how awfully the left has treated them, or not only will they never get another black vote, but they'll be lucky to escape with their skins intact. And after a couple of years of calling everyone to the right of Jane Fonda a Nazi, I don't know how anxious your average American is going to be to save leftist American Jewry from a monster of their own creation.

- The Biggest Question In America

Actually there are two:

1. What is Tyrian really up to?

2. Is Tormund Giantsbane really dead?






I watched a youtube review this morning that did a careful video analysis of the Game of Thrones season finale, and spoke directly to question two. The theory is that no he didn't die, partly because they'd have shown him in more detail being killed, and partly because there is a part of the upper wall which survives the attack. At this point I'm convinced that my favorite character will be around for the final 6 episode season 8 and we'll be treated to the scene of him arriving at Castle Black (after running the top of the wall to get there) to report the breech.

As to number one, I can't believe the producers don't have more heartbreak planned for us. Kill Sansa, Arya, Jaime, Jon, Brienne? Meh. That's not heartbreak. They've all earned it from someone's perspective. I fully expect Bron and Pod to die, and if it weren't for the monstrosity of his uncle, no one really gives a rat's ass what eventually happens to Theon.

Seeing the hound die just after killing his own brother would be upsetting, but probably a relief to the hound himself (and to the mountain), so it's no real heartbreak. There aren't really any of the character whose death would get me too worked up, and with a column of death now walking south, you can't exactly call any of it unexpected, whoever it turns out to be. But Tyrian betraying Dany? Or trying to and losing his head? Or Both? That would be upsetting.

Tyrian has been thinking 'long term' lately. Recall his big dustup with Dany regarding her legacy. His sister is now pregnant and represents the only 'heir' that anyone has, and much fuss has been made over his true regret that her two human children were killed (who can say for sure regarding Joffre). That long woeful look Tyrian had for Dany's bedroom door wasn't his own passion being thwarted. It was strategic. And it was never asked or answered how he convinced Cercei to get back in the fight.

Which of course, she isn't going to do. Joffre was his mother's son it seems. And when she's finally pushed from the parapets by the mountain, or set on fire by Qyburn, I can already hear a great cheer going up. The perfect end would be for her to be the very last creature the night king turns before both of them being roasted. Or Arya taking Jaime's face after avenging her brother's injury, and using it to kill Cersei as Jamie in some particularly brutal way. The King Slayer is slain, then becomes the Queen Slayer.

But the big question - the only major character who is neither naive nor blatantly evil, seems to be Tyrian. I could easily see Tyrian embracing family loyalty after the army of the dead are done, and plunging the knife into Dany's back, only to have Jon (or someone else) remove his head. Her dragons (or by then maybe dragon singular) then go on a rampage burning much of westeros to ash. To lose Dany AND Tyrian in the space of a single scene would be the kind of sadistic murderous thrill that the show is well known for.

How's it end? I almost don't care. Horrible people will continue to be horrible to one another, honorable people will continue to be naive about the horrible people, and continue to suffer treachery and injustice at their hands. And everyone has both a white and black hat. In that respect the show is almost like real life, and who finally ends up on the throne almost seems anti-climactic to me. Someone will live to be king of the remains, and although it still looks no more likely, I'm still pulling for King Tormond - first of his name. The rest can burn for all of me.

But just like everyone else, I can't wait to see who burns who.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

- No More Recruiting From The Fringe

Youtube has now mildly censored videos from Jared Taylor, but not from Jordan Peterson. they say this is about content, but I'm dubious. Both of these men have videos describing the tragic facts of the current state of genetic research into intelligence. But one is censored for talking about it, and the other is not.

Jared is as rational a man as I've ever met. He proposes no tyranny for blacks, on the contrary, he only proposes true 'freedom of association' - allowing everyone in this country of every color to associate with, and to exclude from association with, whomever they like. He proposes no 'white homeland' where blacks are ejected. He holds no animosity toward Jews and is famously quoted as saying "They look pretty white to me."

So I don't think this is about ideas. I think it's about recruiting from the fringe. Jared has been at this for 25 years. As a result he's had no choice but to go further and further out into the political distribution to find an audience. At the last American Renaissance conference Richard Spencer attended and asked a few questions of the speakers, which of course is his right. But Richard has openly framed his message for the furthest most resentful fringe of the right, and the low IQ of the people who showed up at Charlottesville was a result.

Youtube's strategy is brilliant. Instead of denying their users a voice, Jared's videos are still available, but the view count is hidden, and comments are disabled. So although you can learn what he has to say, you can't learn that anyone else has learned it. This is called 'common knowledge'. A political point won't be 'normalized' unless lots of people know it, and they all also know that everyone else 'knows' it. Youtube's censorship strategy denies the latter.

I can't wait to hear their defense of this strategy, when they defend themselves in court from the oncoming raft of lawsuits. I also can't wait to see what other 'topics' begin seeing this kind of censorship. Will Antifa violence be suppressed? Black Lives Matter Violence? Don't they 'support racail stereotypes' and are therefore 'controversial'?

It's a brave new world.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

- Leave The Statue, Take The Cannolis

I don't know about Minnesota which is also mentioned in this linked piece, but there are groups of people here in New York who revere Christopher Columbus as a 'native son' and are exceptionally proud of the man's achievement.

And though the effect has been diminished in recent years, there are still neighborhoods in Brooklyn to this day where you don't want to be talking too much smack about Columbus, or Marconi, or Fermi, any other hero of the west that has Italian roots.Litte Italy may be a theme park now, but don't let that convince you that Italians don't still carry some muscle in this town. And some of these guys know how to make a very persuasive argument.

- Life At The Bottom

As you know, science is now offering extremely compelling evidence that both Racism and Misogyny are not good descriptors of widespread social motivation. There is no there, there. This is why we're seeing the spectacularly irrational and increasingly desperate efforts of the left to cling to it. Science also offers strong evidence that politics is a reflection of your biologically determined personality temperament. But I had a thought out on our morning run, which I wanted to scratch down, and I think it's a pretty good turn of phrase.

To believe that Racism, Misogyny, and 'Hate' are the motives for widespread social behavior only makes sense, if you are the bottom of a competency hierarchy. And to embrace Racism and Misogyny as an excuse for that behavior is to ensure that you will never adopt the kind of behavior that will allow you to get from the bottom of the hierarchy, to the top.

It's an excuse for losers, who want to be free to continue to act like losers, rather than rising to the challenges of life.

Friday, August 25, 2017

- 2020: The (Possible) End Of America

Here’s an ugly prediction I’m thinking through. If just a few more puzzle pieces fall into place between now and then, I think it’s entirely possible that we don’t have a 2020 election at all. Try this on:

We know that Antifa and their sister organizations “Black Lives Matter” and “By Any Means Necessary” are perfectly willing to use violence to support their political goals – as the name says ‘by any means necessary’. We also know that while they may take some small exception to their methods, the press by and large actively support both them and their goals.

Since the definition of ‘Nazi’ and ‘Klan Member’ are currently being rapidly expanded to include anyone who doesn’t directly support Antifa, BLM and BAMN, I think we can assume that by November 2018, that definition will likely include virtually all voters from red leaning districts (especially openly white, heterosexual, and Christian voters) in key swing states. And since the name says “any means necessary” it’s safe to assume that preventing those people from voting through intimidation falls into the category of perfectly acceptable tactics.

“But… Democracy!” you say? Surely you see that elections are just an oppressive tool of the white cisgender patriarchy, and anyway it makes the whole election ‘fraudulent’ to have those people, who clearly haven’t earned the ‘moral’ right to vote, casting ballots for someone who is ‘just like Hitler’. “Wouldn’t you prevent Hitler from becoming German Chancellor if you could have?” will be the defensive line. It’s an easy sell to CNN.

OK, fine. They intimidate a few voters, and they win some, they lose some. Maybe it effects a Democratic congressional seat or two, maybe not. Either way, there is no shift in Congressional power. Our fearless legislators and our ‘free and independent press’ (cough) react to that by immediately throwing the whole story down the memory hole out of fear of being branded a Hitler-like advocate of racism and oppression. Let’s not forget that it’s Trump who is the real enemy after all. And he won’t be running for another 2 years.

Then comes the Presidential election in 2020.

Trump fights off a second rate primary candidate or two further enraging the Republican right who are then even more unwilling to resist the left out of personal animosity to their standard bearer. But by now, things are really boiling over. There have been a few major riots through the run up that required the National Guard to quell, and some ‘peaceful protesters’ were seriously injured. This adds ‘bigly’ to the membership roles of Antifa and equally ‘bigly’ to the determination to team Trump to try to ensure that the election suffers no broader ‘issues’ like they had in a few locations in 2018. But they're flying alone. All the steps taken are done so without the open support of either party.

Key polling stations are identified in ‘at risk’ states, and a combination of heavy police presence and National Guard are deployed to ensure that there is no ‘voter intimidation’ by Antifa et al. The military hold Antifa back to shouting distance and a few arrests are made. This is immediately cast by the press and the Democratic leadership as open voter intimidation. In some cases it looks like it succeeds in keeping the polls open and free (urine balloons notwithstanding), and in some it looks like maybe it doesn’t, but Trump wins the election by a surprisingly thin margin against the Democrat sock puppet du jour, and maybe a far left third party challenger.

The Press goes absolutely ballistic at the thought of another 4 years of Trump, and paper the planet with stories containing more credible evidence than usual about how Trump used the Army to ‘steal’ the election. The Army acted correctly but it’s a big country and you can always find some allegation to make, even if you can’t find any direct evidence. Instead of Russia Mania, it becomes a story about a military coup by Trump.

In reaction to the press reports and the endless claims of voter suppression from the SPLC, complete with video of illiterate black and minority women voters who felt ‘fearful’ because of the armed presence at the polls, the Carter Center and the Organization of American states both declare the US presidential election ‘invalid’.

At that point we have become an ungovernable nation. Trump dare not step down but deep state obstruction and a few blue governors prevent him from effectively suppressing the hard left. Riots erupt in all the usual ‘at risk’ areas in the deep blue states, and Governors who are in bed with Antifa refuse to help. Vigilantism erupts in response, and there are a few killings on both sides. As it becomes clear that the government can no longer enforces law and order, the stock market sells off, and since Trump refuses to step aside (he won an election after all), the bond market collapses as well.

I’ve written about what happens then, no need to go over it again.

It seems amazing to me that when I think this through, I can’t find any logical inconsistency in it. This nation really can be taken down by a bunch of openly delusional people fighting an invisible enemy, to solve an imaginary problem and to achieve a nightmarish goal. All because the huge majority of 'normal' people were too afraid to stand up to the hard left and the press.

These points all involve people taking actions that are well within the sphere of predictability, acting to pursue their openly stated motives, and being consistent with past actions. The only thing it requires is for BLM, Antifa, and BAMN to grow in size by enough people over the next year, to put a congressional district or two at risk through the violent intimidation of voters. That they won’t see a bit of open hypocrisy like that as a limitation on their tactics already seems self-evident to me. They're already punching 'black white supremacists' and complaining about the name of the USC mascot's horse.

If I’m making a major mistake here, I hope one of you guys will point this out to me. This isn’t a scenario I’d like to see come to pass.

- LO F**cking L

This was good for a chuckle. It's a bunch of women (none of whom meet my 'attractiveness' minimum) saying what makes a great lover in a man.

There is an axiom that I've fully embraced which says that if you want to know what people think, don't listen to what they say, watch what they do. Women are notorious liars when it comes to their answers to 'what they want in a man'. It's not their fault really. They have convinced themselves that this is really what they want, and no doubt mean every word they say despite their statements being absolutely nothing but lies. Even their coarser comments about oral and genital size are obvious BS. The brain is the primary sex organ for women, not the genitals. And you can reduce a woman to a quivering mass by words alone if you're good at it.(wink)

Especially in this age of totally unrestricted female sexual profligacy and utter debasement of masculinity, what women want in a man is strength and dominance. Even supply and demand support this because true masculinity has become so rare.

I'll grant you, it's a tricky thing to give it to them. Owing to their smaller size and strength relative to men, it's perfectly natural that women are much more driven by fear than we are. They need to be sure you won't be spending the tail end of the evening cutting them into pieces and disposing of their body in a dozen plastic garbage bags. So you can't go charging in there like you would in competition with other men.

But with that level of trust and safety established, what women want is one thing, and one thing alone. Dominant masculinity. I'm sure you've all seen some hint of this however beta-fied and beaten down by Feminism you may be. The women to whom you've showed your 'feminine side' have all gotten instantly bored with you. But if you left her exhausted on the floor in a puddle of her own fluids, unable to move or think, wondering what in the world just happened to her and why in the world she let you do all the things you did, she'll be thinking about you decades later as she auditions others to match her memory of you.

There are few things more rewarding in life than learning that a woman is referring to you by name with god-like deference years and years later.

This doesn't mean rape her. No woman wants to be forced physically. What she wants is to have her frame of reference forced to match yours. She wants to 'submit' psychologically. She wants to have a choice, but to be able to convince herself that she doesn't. "He had me feeling so wild that I just had to sleep with him". Is what she wants to say to herself the next day. Even if she won't admit it to anyone else.

And the more Feminist she is, the more she craves psychological domination. (I strongly recommend the Netflix comedienne Ali Wong if you want to hear the truth on this. Truths like those can only be disseminated as comedy.) Feminism could be ended tomorrow if all it's biggest advocates spent a little time being properly given what they want from men. The problem with that is that few men with options want anything to do with the blue haired behemoths of Feminism.

I know this piece sounds kind of Heartiste like, and I apologize to all for the similarity. But the truth of human nature is irreducible. And we all have to speak to our times.

- The Wages Of Appeasement

It occurred to me this morning that if Liberalism and its current more fanatical cousins the 'Black Lives Matter" and Social Justice movements are really all just Sh** tests, then the worst thing you can do is give them what they want. Because it's the push back that these people crave, in spite of what they ask for. Surrendering unconditionally on confederate all statues, demolishing our history, and pulling broadcasters for their name, and mascots for the name of their horse, will only send them looking for an even more extreme demand.

It's hard to imagine what that's going to be. Maybe they'll demand the shutdown of the Heritage foundation, and the revocation of National Review's Domain registration. After all they haven't supported Social Justice so they must be Nazis. Maybe they'll insist that the Army be disbanded because it's a 'tool of oppression'. Maybe there will be calls to make the Southern Poverty Law Center an official part of the Administrative state which can then write regulations on hate directly, or the abolishment of US History as a course of study because of it's racist, misogynist past.

I think we're well past the point of no return. Maybe the arrival of colder weather will calm things down a little, but failing that, I think the rioters at one of these events will be fired upon by the police or national guard, and that will cause a fracture. The least radicalized will go home, and the most radicalized will declare common cause with ISIS and start murdering people and robbing banks.

History will repeat itself because the SJW left has no interest in learning from it.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Illegal Immigration is Slavery, California is the New Confederacy

I was recently alerted to several business publications that lamented the anti- (illegal) immigration stance in Trump's America. Without referencing the articles I can tell you that the arguments for illegal immigration share a similar thread:
Without illegal immigration, the crops of California are dying on the vine! 
Without illegal immigration, who will do our cooking and cleaning? 
Who will bus tables at our posh restaurants? 
Who will care for our children?
A snarky liberal threw that rationale at me the week prior to the Charlottesville flare-up.
This is the same rationale that was used to justify slavery in the south.
Assuming arguendo that the Confederacy was fighting for nothing less than the perpetuation of a slave economy, than the same can be said for California and the many sanctuary cities in the US.
Instead of destroying or removing statues and memorials to the heroes of the Confederacy, maybe we should be seeking the removal of the politicians in 21st century america that are promoting slavery through illegal immigration?
It's not the same you say? But it is. Slaves were transported to the New World as cargo within the cargo holds of ships. Many did not survive the trans-Atlantic crossing.  The people that captured and traded slaves then are like the "coyotes" and human traffickers of today. Instead of the stick or the sword, the modern slaver uses a carrot or a feather to lure in the human cargo.
Illegal immigrants are brought into the US as cargo in freighters and tankers on trains and trucks. Like the slaves of the past, many of these people die during the crossing. 

The newspapers are alarmed, not at the human trafficking, but the lack of accommodation for the victims!
After all, who will bathe the children of the New York Times journalist, who will do their dishes, who will mow their lawns....

Boiling the Civil War and Modern Liberalism down to the lowest common denominator demonstrates that the Democrats never disavowed slavery. They merely replaced it with illegal immigration.
Are Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsome, Bill Deblasio, Rahm Emmanuel and Barack Obama modern versions of the villains of the confederacy? Perhaps.
There is a movement in California to secede from the Union. Like the south that feared the Emancipation Proclamation would lead to economic and political tyranny, Californians believe that obeying immigration laws would destroy their economy. California also has a black market economy in sex slaves that would negatively impacted by "obeying the law".

I say - Let their fruit rot on the vine! Let them bathe their own children! Let them cook their own meals and mow their own lawns!
The more you protest the past, the more Trump looks like Lincoln.
Maybe you can call me John Brown.

- Anti-Fa Is Arming Up

Anti-Fa is arming up.

Frequent mentions of Kent State, which is what the future holds for these kids. I've read the argument that Ant-Fa is all just 'play acting'. Well guns should be taken a tad more seriously than that, so this is a big dangerous step for these irresponsible kids. Fantasy worldviews and live ammunition don't go together very well.

Maybe if we condemn them for appropriating Gun Culture, they'll all be shamed into not getting themselves killed.

- Corporate Moral Arbiters

My bro was much put off by the ESPN fuss over Robert Li being pulled from the UVA game. When he told me so, I sent him the story concerning people getting upset about the USC trojans getting crap for having their mascot ride a horse which shared the name of Lee's 'Traveler'. (Which just made me wonder what Nero's horse was named)

The obvious conclusion is that there are no men left, none that are willing to stand up to leftist bullies anyway. And who could wonder why? What upside is there in American society for manliness? Where are the people who reward men for their good and civilized behavior? Outside of the combat military, what man is forgiven for showing bravery, forget about actually being lauded for it. On the contrary, these days men are hounded and berated by Feminists who believe they're all 'toxic' and 'rapists'. The smart path for any American man is to learn how to be an awful women. this is all the ESPN management team has done.

Men have no good reason to marry. No good reason to be actively engaged in parenthood. No reason to seek anything except their own short term pleasure. This is the 'world run by women' that the Feminists have long sought. They and their 'whipped dog' male feminist allies, control the culture utterly. This is their nation, and we men are just visiting.

Corporations are poor arbiters of morals, it's true. But there is an element of 'common knowledge' here. No one wants to be the first to stand up to what we all know is ridiculous nonsense, because we don't yet know that we all know it. That's the difference between 'knowledge in common' and 'common knowledge'. The latter keeps us all silent and waiting for someone else to be first, the latter empowers us all to be the first.

This is why we need to be courting the most factual and reasonable of the 'cuck' right. They are who deserve our efforts of conversion. We should be empowering them, and ignoring the rest.

- A Red Pill For The Soft Right

I ripped off that moniker - the Soft Right - from Ace, but I like it. The NR brand of the right isn't like the left per se. They don't process information like the left. They aren't all about the imposition of their subjective feelings on a broader world view and making the world comply with that by force. They 'think' like we do, and are trying to understand a world exterior to themselves.

But they are weak, and soft, and unable to withstand the threat of angering the left. Maybe it's because of their financial situation, or maybe it's their temperament. But somehow, some way, we who are capable of standing up to the withering criticism of the establishment need to find a way to get them on board. Because someone has to.

The soft right is our enemy's weak point. The blue haired men in dresses of the far left can never be reasoned with. Never. They are so filled with rage, anger and resentment that they despise the world and themselves. But the soft right can be made to see the folly of their unconditional moral surrender. They can be made to appreciate that the hard left has put them in an intractable position, where very soon they will all be made into 'jewish nazis' and 'black white supremacists'. They've spent their whole lives appeasing the left on moral grounds, but suddenly they're a lot closer to the Crocodile's jaws than they ever imagined.

What we need is a more vigorous intra-right debate. JAred Taylor shouldn't be going to Universities, he should be debating at the Heritage foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. Derb should be arguing, not with far left idealogues, but with writers from The Federalist. We should be wearing down the only people in the public sphere who are capable of choking down a red pill without dying from it.

This is, in essence, another debate about courting support from the center. It's an argument for coopting the Republican establishment from the head down. Get the thinkers, and over time you have the rest. To do this though it has to be about the minutiae and the tiny details. We should be trying to draw lines between private monopoly actors and the rest of the private sphere for inclusion in a renewed 'free association'. We should be arguing about a definition of 'racism'. We should be underlining the high moral cost of Feminism, and the rampant abuse of men in it's name in the family courts.

The truth is there. They can see it, they just can't say it. We should be the foil to embolden them. They can't say it to anyone else but they can say it to us. And if we get them used to saying it, maybe they'll slip at some point and say it out loud. They're beginning to understand that the left has every intention of burning them as witches whether they admit the truth or not. So why not convince them to do so for a good reason rather than a falsehood?

- Castrated In Phoenix

That wasn't a rubber bullet, it was a tear gas canister. Rubber bullet travel at about 200 feet per second which though it isn't nearly the speed of big slow subsonic 'regular' bullets, is still more than fast enough to often kill people outright. What he was shot with was another 'tear gas' canister, which is even slowed than that. It still must have hurt like holy hell though, and I'll tell you something else. The police absolutely aimed directly for his balls.

I imagine some big, white, armor clad cop with a smile like Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame, tapping his big black armor clad buddy on the shoulder and saying "Watch this..." and then firing the shot. It was immediately followed by all the other cops nearby making that "OOOOOh!" sound that you all did the first time you saw it. This isn't to say that rioting isn't a serious thing, even from idiots like Antifa. But who says you can't have a little fun with it?

Anyway, here's the footage again, just because it's so much fun.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

- Who Are You? Who Am I?

I found this debate really interesting, and not just because of Dr. Peterson's contribution. Personally I think it would be phenomenal for the commute. It's a program from Canadian public television discussing the obsolescence of men and the collapse of western masculinity.

A few quibbles aside (I'll spare you all the times I wanted to scream at the screen) I think it's a really revealing example of the adage that all philosophy is autobiographical. The 'truth' that resonates for us, is the one that is the best reflection of who we really are. So this begs the question then. Who are you?

In my case, I'm an almost excessively independent, responsible, confrontational but civilized western man. I have no use for violence, but will not shrink from it. Any of it. I'd rather argue instead. I enjoy argument in the right circumstances and with people who can do it as effectively as I can, especially if they don't take every criticism personally. I don't commingle my ideas and feelings very much. I have feelings just like everyone else, but I don't think they really matter to anyone but me. People care what I do, not how I feel.

Dr. Peterson mentions at one point that in a mixed sex discussion he has to turn down about 90% of himself. I have to do that to get along with most men and even at that level, even the women who know my character like my GF and daughter, all say I come across as 'scary'. Opinionated is how I think of it. I'm sure I'm right until I'm proven that I'm wrong, and then I change my mind so I can be sure I'm right again. I'm capable of changing my mind, or having it changed for me, but facts and data about the outside world are what do it, not unsupported opinions or feelz. And since I went into a field that lent itself to my nature, many of my friends have a similar temperament.

Anyway, these men all are what you expect them to be. The feminized one supports feminism and social construction, Dr. Peterson calls it nonsense. It's a very revealing look at a cross section of 21st century male attitudes. Whoever you are, there are people at this table who are not like those you typically interact with. And it's a very instructive piece in that regard:

- The Folks Of The Fringe(s)

Last night in Phoenix, empowered by their recent PR triumph of getting one of their members killed in Charlottesville, Antifa went off on the Police surrounding a Trump speech and got tear gassed and arrested for their trouble. One even got shot in the groin with a tear gas canister. (If it were a rubber bullet like the press has said, he'd have no balls left.) Hooray, another victory for the people's liberation movement. All Hail George Soros!

Drawing support from the fringe is always a bad idea, regardless of the fringe you draw from. I wrote about that a few times in relation to the Alt-Right back when Richard Spencer was only known for his idiotic Hitler salutes and hadn't even become a 'punched in the face' meme yet, but this was where I came closest to saying those precise words. Well Antifa is the same organizational problem applied to a different and more irresponsible set of losers.

Antifa is growing now. But like Spencer's group, they're growing from the edges. And there is no one useful out there on the fringe. There are no great thinkers, planners, or funders. There are no useful non-coms or foot soldiers. There are just a whole bunch of people who are filled to the brim with resentment and hatred for 'normal' people, and are too drug addled and narcissistic to be a help to anyone, even themselves. Spencer's group was run on Meth, while Anti-Fa is more methadone, antidepressants, and weed. But none are productive citizens above the lowest most minimalist levels.

And like Spencer's idiot followers, Anti-Fa has begun its immediate over-reach. Last night was only the beginning, and for them it really has to be. What they're looking to topple is the entire multi-quadrillion dollar economy of western civilization. They want to tear down every single competency hierarchy that they were unable to climb on their own, and replace it with another that puts the beat poets, puppeteers, and 'peace through lesbian interpretive dance' experts at the top of everything as an act of political will and held in place by political force. Only then can we all be free.

Spencer has the advantage here, but it's not enough to save him. He was looking to co-opt institutions rather than shatter and replace them. That was never going to happen no matter how many people he dressed up, or tiki torches he handed out. Competency may not be something that he was interested in when recruiting, but it is something he was at least peripherally aware of, like a blind man holding an elephant's trunk and declaring it a form of snake.

Antifa doesn't go that far into the real world. They're more like a blind man holding an elephant's trunk and deciding that this is the right moment to pull it up between their legs, tell everyone that it's their johnson, and begin bragging about how well hung they are. No one who is even vaguely familiar with reality takes even their most modest claims seriously.

There is one other important difference between the Fringe left and the Fringe right. At the core of the fringe right, which is to say, the more centrist ideas that they use to justify their idiotic posturing and resentment, are facts. Average group IQ differences are genetically based and real. Feminism is a deeply destructive philosophy that brings pain, misery and loneliness to women, and undue legal burdens to men. Blacks, for a variety of reasons all linked peripherally to lower average IQ, really do commit far more crime than non blacks, and in all of human history haven't built a single successful modern society on their own.

Spencer takes these facts and turns them into a toxin to foster greater resentment, designed primarily to promote himself. If 'his people' are helped in the process, that's fine by him, but it's secondary.

But Antifa refuses to accept the same facts, and thanks to the heavy involvement of post modernist Feminism, actually disputes the concept of facts as anything but a tool of patriarchal racist oppression. "Cops and Klan go hand in hand" was one of the more popular chants at Trump's Phoenix speech, even though the cops have been nothing but supportive of Antifa and have typically only made arrests ex-post when incontrovertible evidence is provided via video, and lawsuits for inaction threatened. To Antifa, a racist, patriarchal 'fact' like that is totally irrelevant. they've abandoned so many of the tools to discern objective reality that they can't see who is helping them and who is hurting.

And to the degree that they are left alone, they'll inevitably chop off their own 8 foot long johnson that their media shills have been telling us about. Last night for them was the dawn of a new age. There is still a dramatic shortage of Nazis and Klansmen given the media's obsession for them, and there were none last night. But you can't be witch hunter if there aren't any witches, so last night the police and the 'normal' Trump supporters became the Nazis. As that process fails to achieve their goals, the outgroup will be expanded to include all white people, all heterosexuals, all cisgendered people, and before you know it, they'll be 'protesting' outside red leaning polling stations in swing states, and chasing catholic nuns through the streets with sticks to battle their 'hatred'.

The right way to move forward is to ditch the 'political passion' (known to us common folk as resentment and hatred). The way you change minds is by looking at reality, accepting the truth, and proposing modest reasonable changes that will bring society's path more closely in line with them. Richard Spencer can't do that because his base has no ideas. But others from the alt-right can and have. Our Man Derb is well known for such thinking, as are Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow. So too is Vox Day, though he has no interest in 'leadership'.

The alt-Left/Antifa has who... the masked philosophy professor from Berkeley who peacefully concussed a Trump supporter with his steel bike lock before slinking back into the crowd? Lilliputian Yvette Fallarca who will be spending time in the can for inciting a riot? The deep thinkers of the Evergreen State protests with their blue hair and baseball bats? Their only thoughts are to reject thought itself as a tool of oppression. The left is out of ideas, and are really only reaching for this extreme movement as a desperate attempt to hold back the flood of science that undermines their arguments.

And one thing they both get wrong is the character of the American people. We are not motivated from the fringe. All the normal people in America have no taste for their resentment. We are not much interested in revolution and drama. We mostly just want to earn a living, and to be left alone. That's the way to make the alt-right work. Slowly, incrementally, and in small steps that bring us a little closer to 'the truth' of things. If we can disable the accusations of racism and sexism as useful political tools, we can build from there.

So ironically it looks like Antifa's success will help the alt-right in the same way that Richard Spencer has helped the Democrat left.

Monday, August 21, 2017

- Eclipse Review

So I went up to the GF's office on the millionaire mile (Park Avenue from E60th to Grand Central Station, where all the global Banks have their offices) so we could watch it together. The clouds were very accommodating and as a result we got several great photos and even some selfie video with the 2 of us, and the eclipsed sun appearing and disappearing behind the clouds above us. But that wasn't the funny part.

If everywhere in New York was like that neighborhood then of the 12 million people in Manhattan each workday, about 9 million of them were outside looking up. The sidewalks were so mobbed that no one could pass. We were lucky in that we were in such a high end neighborhood and that it was such a highly educated and jovial bunch. Strangers passed their glasses back and forth with each other so everyone could get a look. But Man oh man what a crowd. No deals were made at 2:44 in New York today.

I'll put up some pics later if I have time.

- AntiFa As INGSOC

War Is Peace
Freedom Is Slavery
Ignorance Is Strength
Self Reflection Is Oppression
Victimhood is Virtue
Success Is Failure
Failure Is Achievement
Talent Is Larceny
Comparison is Evil
Beauty Is Ugliness
Ugliness Is Beauty
Hate Is Love
Destruction Is Liberty
Speech Is Violence
Freedom Is Hate
Science Is Opinion
Reason Is Bias
Deviance In Normalcy

Examples abound. Discuss amongst yourselves.

- Purging History

As if it wasn't already hard enough to figure out what's really going on.

This piece at Unz demonstrates just how hard the left is trying to make sure no one can find out what actually happened at Charlottesville, and to make sure the official narrative is the only narrative. the piece itself is fine, but the links are all a mess. The Occidental dissent piece can be found via the Internet Wayback Machine, but it's links are all shattered as well and the videos deleted.

It's a shame too because it looks like there is a great deal in the way of revealing video. The gang of BLM kids chasing the UTR protesters into the parking garage (shown via LiveLeak) is compelling, and I hadn't seen it before.

To be perfectly clear, i don't think there is a conspiracy here. There is nothing hidden about these efforts. But one of the uniting doctrines of leftism is the belief that they should be the sole framers of events. They universally believe that if they are the ones to attribute the motives and descriptors of all the actors, then they are the ones in control. You don't need a conspiracy when your central tenet is to silence anyone who doesn't agree with you.

As I've said, I think the people on the right who were involved in the Charlotteville protest were idiots. But the idiots do have their side of the story, and I'm very uncomfortable seeing how effectively the left is silencing their view - particularly when that view is supported by live shot video. A person can be stupid and malicious, and still be the victim. I don't care for Richard Spencer and I find his tactics idiotic. In the end I think he is going down a very dark road, and is not being helpful to the way I'd like to see our political discussion progress. But that doesn't mean I think it's OK to sucker punch him.

This big 'crack down' on dissenting voices is going to have two effects. Yes, to a great degree there will be much less offered in opposition to the mainstream narrative of events. But there won't be no information. And to the degree that the facts support the opposition take and the message manages to squeak out through the cracks, the credibility of social media is going to plummet. No one believes that google is objective. Twitter never was, and now Facebook, which has been largely above the fray, is being dragged down in the mud with them.

So fewer opposition voices, but stronger opposition resistance. And that resistance will be made easier by the cratering credibility of the Social media companies. Other technical solutions will be found eventually. And what comes back will instantly be more credible, because it will become common knowledge that the average person is already being lied to.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

- The Fight 93 Culture

The Z man, in this typically insightful piece, names that which must not be named:

Returning to the Greeks, they have an expression that is important to keep in mind while the rage virus runs through our society. “A Society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.” The opposite of that is true. What we are seeing today is barren young women cutting down memorials because they remind them of the fact they have no future. The high presence of infertile women in these mobs is suggestive. One day, the cat will die and they will be alone.

It is this ahistorial nature of the American Left that is at the root of this incoherent and pointless violence. The Left organized a great PR campaign in response to Charlottesville, but they threw it all away in an orgy of violence over the last week. The reason is they are locked into the moment, a moment bound on all sides by a rage against nature. They can’t think about how today’s action will be viewed tomorrow, because there is no tomorrow for these people. All that matters is the catharsis.

I think he's onto somehting here. Feminism created the childlessness, and then the childlessness created this suicidal nihilism and subjective reasoning. I don't know if it's possible to gently slide back into a more rational view of the world, though I plan to do my part to try to make it happen. But if we do manage to pull back on the stick before the plane crashes, I strongly suspect it will be without that core of hard left 3rd wave leftovers.

It's not just a flight 93 election, we're also in a flight 93 culture. And we can't treat all voices as equal if we plan on avoiding the crash. All people are, and of a right ought to be, equal under the law. But that doesn't mean we let all of them decide which way we're going.


We were busy today so we took the dog over to the Washington Square Dog park quite late, missing all the relatively 'regular' regulars we typically see in the early morning. In their place there was an assortment of west village types who don't look like they're much on early rising.

Two in particular struck my eye. The first was an angry Israeli militant feminist with a lesbian looking outfit and haircut, who kept screaming at dogs to not be 'racist' and complaining to owners that their dog had bit her. After the first accusation I watched closely and though the dogs occasionally got near her with their play, I wouldn't call anything that happened a 'bite'.

The other was a much older woman who lacked the first woman's sense of drama, but bothered me none the less. She wore a T-shirt which read: "So Many (right wing) Christians, So Few Lions." Clearly to her, someone who goes to church every sunday is "The same as Hitler".

There are a lot of extremely normal people in the village, and many have dogs. But the crowd changes as sundown approaches. There are fewer 30 somethings and their boyfriends, and more of the 'never parented never will' types. These very clearly are the people who are happy to see America burn to the ground for the sake of their nihilism.

- 'Useless Freak' Supremacy

I think there are 2 reasons why the alt-right is seen by the media as much more dangerous than the alt-left. Number one is the more obvious, the media is extremely leftist. This is so obvious that it's well beyond parody now. Any example you can imagine of journalistic bias running right up to and including outright slander, has not only been done in fact, it's available online.

But the other reason is more subtle, and is embedded in how we see the left right division generally.

The people on the right are the people who do things. They build bridges, and buildings. They create large corporations that provide useful products and services to the rest of the world. They are the backbone of any nation, not just America.

The left meanwhile is the artists, poets, musicians, and all the people who need to constantly remind us how important their contributions to society is because most people don't really think it's important at all. How many black transexual puppeteers does it take to build a civil society? Answer...none. They're so utterly useless that to even ask the question sounds like the setup for a joke.

But it's worse than that. 'Art' is a luxury product that's subject to a rather severe Pareto distribution. All the valuable art is produced by an infinitesimally small number of artists at the top, and the rest produce things that, even by the standards of the left where the mining engineers and software designers are considered 'the real' simpletons, the value of their output is basically zero.

You may hate M Night Shyamalan's movies but you know who doesn't? The wife of the cameraman who paid for their dinner with his salary.

This is why the core of both Antifa and BLM aren't seen as that threatening. Because you just can't be that threatened by a 6 foot tall man in a dress and high heels. They're ridiculous. And rather than allowing society to 'civilize' them, they have instead built their lives around their silliness. No one apparently ever mentioned to them that you can have all the good ideas in the world but if you shave half your head, dye the other half neon blue, and show up at the meeting dressed like an escapee from a mental institution, no one is going to listen to them. All they'll see are the ways in which your inner turmoil has affected your outward appearance.

And it's just as clear to all (rational) observers that the thing they're fighting is nothing but their own delusion. 40,000 people showed up in Boston to protest a free speech rally, and were disappointed when they discovered that there were zero Nazi's and Klansmen to fight. Not a single one. There has always been a shortage of 'actual' racism and hate crime, so the left has been manufacturing their own. Now they're imagining whole organizations into existence, and instead of a couple of hundred deluded idiots and ex-cons in a nation of 300 million, they see legions of goose stepping brownshirts.

"Well it's a reaction to Charlottesville! We must stop HATE" you'll hear them scream through clenched teeth and raised fists. No, it's not. It's a hysterical overreaction to Charlottesville. Even in Charlottesville itself the far right spent months trying to cobble together every NAzi and Klansmen they could find for a 'show of strength'. They drew people from the surrounding dozen states and still only ended up with about 150 attendees. That means that statistically, the Klan and the Nai Party is about as important and influential and the Black Hebrew Israelites. And even the village voice makes fun of them.

In the end though we have our own delusion in America. We don't believe the left can 'do' anything, and the further left you go, the less they can do. That's true enough. But one thing they can do is form a mob. And when they all get together and start feeding off each other's hatred of the 'normal', they can turn that mob into a riot. Individually the alt-left are the losers of life, fueled by resentment and envy of their more successful peers, which in their case is almost everyone. But collectively they are as dangerous as any other group.

And they are very much a supremacy movement. They believe in the supremacy of useless freaks. It's not a question of style for them, it's a question of identity. Their facial tattoos, mental illness haircuts, their crossdressing, and their surgical body manipulations are all seen by them as 'superior'.

Take an average white man with a military standard haircut, dress him in a suit and tie and take his picture. Then put the same man in a dress, die his hair shocking pink, give him hoop earrings, lipstick, a sundress and a pair of pretty Jimmy Chu sandals and take his picture again. Show both pictures to Antifa and ask them who is the 'better man'. Ask them who is morally superior to whom. Ask them who is more likely to destroy America or ruin the planet.

Their answer tells you everything you need to know about the left.

I think most of us in the first world start out life on the left, or at least far to the left of where we end up. I certainly did. But in the end the thing that turned me toward the right was that I looked at the people on the left with their ideal of 'equality' above all else, and I looked at the right with their ideal of 'productivity' above all else, and I couldn't find anyone to admire on the left.

Anyone can demand that the government take from B to give to C. There is no virtue there. There is no evidence that you're a good person. It takes no effort, and the only sacrifice is the one you demand of others at government gunpoint. How is that virtuous?

But the people on the right only ever said, get out of my way and let me do for myself. I'll make the sacrifice, I'll put in the effort. I'll pay the costs and face the risks, just let me have the benefit if it works out the way I hope.

Antifa and the Social Justice left now call that idea a kind of tyranny because they can't ever produce the way others can. But for that to be a tyranny it means that everything is a tyranny and any measurement is inherently unjust because some people are more and some are less. Being tall 'oppresses' the short, by the Social Justice standard. It's a total philosophical non-starter.

And yet, 40,000 people showed up in Boston to protest a half a dozen Frat Boys in MAGA hats. We are so dedicated to the destruction of all comparison between people, that the new contemporary morality would have found it perfectly reasonable to mash those half a dozen perfectly innocent 'free speech' advocates into unrecognizable pink slop on the Boston Streets and the press and our leaders would have called it a 'blow struck for Justice'.

We can't run our society this way. And we need to find a way to explain this to the masses.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

- A Symbol Of Hate

If you have the self awareness to recognize that Social Justice and believing yourself the moral superior of a straw bad man is just getting virtue on the cheap, then you won't think I'm out of line for believing that America is already pretty much lost.

Fighting Hate, through open violence, spittle flecked rage, and childish tantrums. That oughta do it.

Meanwhile their dreaded "hate filled" opponents (about a half dozen men and women in MAGA hats - no swastikas, no klan hoods) were escorted from the mayhem by police without saying a word.

The whole country has lost their minds.

- Driven From The Internet: Part 2

In the interest of commiseration, I thought I'd try my hand at a little hate speech.

"We should halt all immigration (both legal and illegal) until we can reform our deeply dysfunctional policies."

Did that do it? I guess not. How about this:

"IQ and other behavioral tendencies are largely inherited and are the cause of many of the group disparities in outcomes between blacks and whites, particularly in higher skilled, complex jobs. This fact has a greater influence on outcomes than 'racism', which is on the whole rare, and quickly punished."

Did that do it? Not yet. OK, one more big one.

"According to the latest science, women are more subject to negative emotion than men, and this tendency discourages a disproportionate number of them from high risk positions. "

Nope...still here. OK, one last one:

Offending someone with word is not violence. Beating them with a baseball bat is violence. No matter how offended you get at someone's words, they have not 'assaulted you'. No one cares how you feel, they only care what you do. An accusation is not a conviction. It's wrong to stifle the speech of anyone, even monstrous people. The right solution is to defeat bad ideas with good ones.

That's all I've got. If you find these tepid examples of 'HATE!' I apologize. I'm not a particularly hateful person, and this is the best I can do. It's pretty much all they've been saying at Vdare, and it was good enough for them to be blackballed.

Since Blogger is a google product, I await my star chamber review and eradication from the web.

Friday, August 18, 2017

- DailyStormer Driven From The Internet

I don't read the Daily Stormer and don't have a lot of use for their view. But I am concerned that they have basically been hounded from internet, and now exists on the deep web. This isn't a 'victory' for the left. You don't make ideas disappear by silencing them, even the really stupid ideas. You win victories over them by coming up with better ideas.

The only idea the left has remaining is bullying.

This is going to get out of hand.

- Re-Dividing the Country - Literally

In support of the last post, I wanted to share this link. And to remind people what the point of these things is.

After the civil war, our most bloody war to date, Lincoln and the Republicans did their best to welcome the Confederate states back as equal members of the union, small politics notwithstanding. The spirit was for reconciliation, not division. They could have cast confederate veterans to the abyss with a whole host of vindictive policies. They didn't. They wanted to bring the country together.

These days the Democrats are so intent on re-dividing the country, that they are no longer content to simply refight the battles of the 60's. Now they want to go back to the last century and the century before it, to 'purify' the American spirit in light of the new religion of 'Social Justice'.

The press in all this are nothing but the stupid drunk girl at 3AM in the seven eleven parking lot, standing there screaming "my boyfriend is gonna kick your ass!" But like all drunk girls, she's digging a hole for Antifa that they are not going to want to be in. Some groups won't stand by and let the drecks and deviants pepper spray them and soak them with urine balloons. And in their quest for purity, Antifa is going to run into one of them eventually.

Someone is going to be killed before this is over. I don't mean one girl run down by a car under circumstances which aren't yet clear or public, but it's not totally outside the realm of possibility that it could have been accidental. I mean a whole lot of people facing down intentional live fire. It's just a matter of time.

The left aren't generally capable people. The right very much is. So what's ANTIFA going to do when they interrupt the next parade of maniacs, and it turns out that the maniacs have been planning carefully. And they have people on the roofs of nearby buildings providing covering fire?

I'm not advocating it at all. I'm just saying it's possible. Because down this road lies only ruin.

-Condemning History and the American Marxist Cultural Revolution

The Late Shelby Foote on the Confederate Flag. Ken Burns owes Foote's family and America an apology for continuing this nonsense that the Civil War was 100% about slavery and the Confederate battle flag was a symbol of white supremacy.

Today I read that an SJW tried to desecrate the oldest parade in the country: The Newton Soldiers' Reunion Parade. This parade has been held every year for the last 128-years. The SJW decided to follow the civil war re-enactors (of course they were confederates) and every time they would stop, salute and fire a volley, the kook would try to pepper-spray them. He was arrested.

After President Trump's press conference, the media narrative has been that Trump sided with the Neo-Nazi's and condemned the peaceful counter-protesters. Liberals have been stumbling over each other to embrace AntiFa and BLM as Freedom Fighters. They are now inextricably part of the Democrat Party. A Democrat Senator from Missouri has expressed that she would like to see the President Assassinated. She refuses to retract or apologize. Perhaps this was part of the "Big Things" that David Brock said would happen two weeks ago.

Nancy Pelosi has demanded that Confederate memorials be removed from the capital. If these are symbols of hate why didn't she demand the removal when she was speaker? Cory Booker has drafted legislation to do just that.

Civil War monuments were erected decades after the war as a sign of understanding and an effort to restore Southern Pride. The recent vilification of Lee, Jackson (and now even Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln) by the DNC and SJWs is a gross re-interpretation of history. These same nitwits will hold Che Guevara  above that of our founding fathers.

This is part of an enormous gamble by the failed Clintonistas. Politics before patriotism. Its an aggressive form of past applications.
I recall past Republican presidents being vilified by the left. In the 1980's I had teachers in my Catholic High School include in the morning prayers that Ronald Reagan would be removed from office, or that Reagan was the anti-christ. When Bush 1 was POTUS, the Left insisted that he was a white supremacist. He was a founding contributor to the United Negro College Fund! After 9/11 Bush became BusHitler and the Marxist Anarchists routinely marched and demanded his resignation.

The left aided by the DNC and the Media are now trying to divide the country by shaming the people that supported Trump. The extreme measure is now to threaten people with physical violence if they won't accept slander and libel as truth. It won't work they way they want it to work.
AntiFa and BLM have become the enforcement arm of the DNC. This grotesque marriage will produce nothing more than malignancy and the DNC will never be able to disavow the violence and the rhetoric. A co-worker of mine (openly gay and devout Hillary supporter) told me that Moderate Republicans were acceptable, but anyone to the right of McCain was a potential Nazi. That would include me, my wife, our jewish boss, the black-dominican guy across the way and Tens of Millions of Americans.
Way to go Democrats!
I never thought I would agree with Chris Matthews, but here it is:

- This Looks Interesting

I met Peter Dinklage when I was College. The way I recall it, (yes, there was alcohol involved so things are fuzzy) we were introduced very briefly by a friend of mine from who had graduated his high school a few years prior to him. I can recall it was outdoors, and Peter being an unusually memorable guy, stuck in my memory. Over the years I've convinced myself that it was at beside a car at the end of a driveway with a party goin on in the back yard, but honestly that could be dead wrong. I do also recall my friend saying that he had a reputation as kind of a wild man when it came to chemical entertainment and drink.

I was glad to see his career do so well though, and what a break for him that Tyrian Lannister came along. By far the most memorable character ever written for a man of Peter's stature. Though I think his performance in The Station Agent is better, Tyrian has made him an icon.

And here is the proof. Here he is playing a modern part that could be played by anyone. His size, as near as I can tell, seems to be irrelevant to the role. And for my part that's how I think it should be.

We aren't friends he and I. We met once, nearly 25 years ago. And I'm certain he has no recollection of me. But I'm pleased to see him break out in an industry well known for keeping people in a box, forever. He might never be the romantic leading man, He's a little old for it if nothing else. But he can play the cerebral one, and I'm glad to see him do it.

- Privilege, Supremacy, and Resentment

One of my great faults is that I’ve never really understood, nor been able to anticipate, the motivations of others when I don’t possess that motivation myself. Resentment was always like that for me. The last few weeks have taught me a great deal about what resentment looks like and how to recognize it, but I’ll confess I still don’t really get it. That is to say, I don’t know what it feels like to be driven by it.

It’s always been my view, that each of us are born with varied strengths and weakness, and we succeed or fail in life based on how well we emphasize or deemphasize each of them. That was always how I thought of things. It has never once occurred to me to look at someone else and consider the idea that “I hate that person for being so good at X.”

On the contrary, my usual reaction to seeing someone who was particularly skilled or talented was to say to myself, “Wow, I wish I could be more like them.” Or at a very minimum, “Wow, they’re really great at that, what an impressive outlier they are.” But I can to the best of my recollection honestly say, that no anger has ever arisen in me for seeing others achieve great things, however large or small. This has always been true whether I had my own ambitions in the space or not.

But I think I know why that is now. In many respects I won the genetic lottery, and there are many areas of human comparison where I’m far enough above average that I have no cause for any resentment. I am taller than average, thinner than average, smarter than average, more self disciplined than average. I have lousy hearing and crappy digestion, but both are easily mitigated and those are not the kind of issues upon which people are typically judged. The reader will be forgiven for imagining that humility is notably excepted, but in virtually all other areas I’m in the top 50%, in many areas I’m in the top 5% or 10%, and in one or two areas, I’m in the top .00001%. but even more important, I can't think of any area I care about where I'm down near the bottom. Mostly I'm on the high side of 'the middle', just like many of us.

This occurred to me when I realized that the nastiest, rudest, most entitled, and resentful people in New York City, all seem to be overweight black women. They are angry at everything, because women unlike men have their value judged by the opposite sex primarily on their appearance, and their appearance is way down at the bottom of the list. No one wants them, and they can do nothing about it so they allow their resentment to grow.

I find ‘Precious’ actress Gabourey Sabide to be quite talented. She has a real sense of humor and can be quite charming in my opinion, which indicates at least average intelligence. I’ve never seen her say anything particularly inflammatory politically (though I don’t exactly spend my days looking for it). But there are zero circumstances where I would date her, or for that matter anyone who looks like her.

I think that’s where resentment comes from. It comes from anger at having ambitions that will never, ever be realized. It comes from losing life’s genetic lottery. And I think that’s reflected in politics.

Feminism is a resentment based movement run by women who know that they fall in the lower half of desirability. The further down the scale they are the more women adhere to it. They resent men for not wanting them, but who they really resent are the women who can have any man they want.

Communism, same thing. It’s a movement for people who know that they will never, ever be able to win in a system based on merit. In fact the whole spectrum of leftist politics is based on resentment and the only people for whom it doesn’t necessarily apply are the leftist leadership, who are those people who are so enthralled with power that they cynically use the resentment of others to achieve it. Hillary Clinton was a living example of the archetype.

That’s why ANTIFA is such a gaggle of losers, deviants, and the flotsam and jetsam of society. That’s why it’s all hairy women, men in dresses, and other humans in various stages of indecision about who and what they are. It’s the circus sideshow joined together for political autonomy and ‘punching Nazis’. Black Lives Matter is the same thing. Resentment driven by innate knowledge that they are not as smart as white people, and will never be able to build a society like the one white people have.

And it isn’t just the left. The right has the Klan (at least those advocates who aren’t ADL plants or FBI agents) the American Nazi Party (which is actually a leftist movement that the left won’t let into the main tent) and the various others members of the same genetic loser groups that ANTIFA draws from.

In that respect Charlottesville was Darwinian primacy writ large. It was the losers of one side attacking the losers of the other side, with resentment and blood lust driving all of them. From that perspective someone like Richard Spencer is Hillary Clinton’s opposite number, though arguably less successful at it because he didn’t have the coattails of someone like Bill Clinton to ride on.

That we empower these fringe groups at all is a kind of societal safety valve. Science has reached a point where the things we all knew in the back of our heads are now being enshrined in the mathematics of science. Yes, men and women really are different, and those difference result in different average interests and capabilities. Yes, group IQ differences really are genetic and though individual variance is much greater than group differences, the averages will have an effect on group outcomes.

And this is a major problem for the people who know that they are the genetic losers. Because as soon as that fact is accepted, all the ‘perfect worlder’ advantages that are heaped on them by way of idealistic politics may go away. What pray tell will the losers do then? I don’t mean that as a pejorative. They are losers. In any fair race on the scale that they are in the back half of the pack, the closer we adhere to a world based exclusively on merit, the more they will lose. Who wouldn’t resent that? And when the degree that they’ve already lost is widely known and can be forecasted, what kind of hope for the future can they really have?

That’s why they’re all so wedded to equality of outcome. That’s why they cling so hard to the concepts of entitlement and complain about ‘privilege’. It’s not merit for me to be taller than someone else, even though women do find it more attractive. It’s an innate difference, but one which they despise because they don’t possess it.

That’s who was in Charlottesville, on both sides. The losers of life’s genetic lottery empowered and collectivized by cynical ambitious people who are willing to sacrifice them all to rule over the ashes. To the degree we treat them like a real and important movement, is the degree to which we’re all fooled by them.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

- Even For CNN This Is Over The Line

When he turned down the crown of America, King George III called George Washington the greatest man who ever lived.

Angela Rye is no King George III.

She's right about one thing though. The problem is in the way she was taught history.

Yay diversity.

- Quick! Destroy This Video

This is interesting. It's some footage of the non-violent protesters peacefully fighting the Nazis, the Klan and the new confederate racist, homophobic, violent alt-right, by beating the daylights out of a couple of mainstream news reporters from The Hill, CBS and a few others.

This is all perfectly OK though because, you know, it's not violence if the Media and the Democrats don't say it's violence. After all, it's not like someone called somebody a fag or something truly violently offensive like that.

Every time I talk to the Derb about any of this stuff he frets. To paraphrase, he says it will take an awful lot before people are willing to face a truth that they don't want to face. Clearly he's right, but this all feels to me like it's a dam bursting at the seams. To the degree that any one of our national institutions embraces social justice, their credibility takes a huge dive proportionally.

And that can't possibly go on forever.

- Yvette Fellarca Charged With Assault

This woman definitely has 'crazy eyes'. She says that it shouldn't be a crime to punch Nazis and to stand up against fascism. How do we know that's what she was doing? She said so. She said plain as day he was a nazi. So that's settled then.

But wait.... maybe there is someone in the bay area who thinks that Nancy Pelosi is a Nazi? I'll bet there is at least one. Should that be good enough for them? Maybe there is someone who thinks it's not only OK to punch Nazi's but to stab and shoot them. that's OK too then I guess huh?

And maybe there is someone who thinks miss crazy eyes Fellarca is a Nazi. So punching and stabbing and shooting her is ok right? So long as it's Nazis, then it's all fair game. Maybe Charles Manson should rethink his plea and claim that he thought his victims were Nazi's all along. Out you go chuck, sorry to inconvenience you. Maybe Nicole Brown Simpson was a closet Nazi. No wait, OJ got off on that one so I guess she didn't have to be.

Thank goodness we have people like Yvette Fellarca to shape the minds of our youth huh.

Where the F*** have all the adults gone? Oh right. They're hiding in their bedroom closet, curled into the fetal position because they're afraid someone is going to call them a Nazi for not being anti-Nazi enough.