Thursday, August 3, 2017

- The Depth of the S**t

I lose track of my family history in the 12th century, but there isn't a lot of written history for northern Europe that predates that so I guess I shouldn't feel so bad. Henry II took control of the English crown in 1154, and my family's paternal line first appears in Ireland in 1170. There is sound reason to believe that my ancestor was from Penbrokeshire - a marcher region along the Welsh coast, but there are no specific written records.

Though it seems most likely to me that my family had gone to England from Normandy with Steven, Matilda, or Henry I, theoretically my family could have moved there with Henry II, and been off the continent for as little as 16 years. So any relationship to 'England' is vague and tenuous at best. But I still feel a kinship, and enjoy any discussion about early British History.

That's partly why I find myself fascinated in a more modern way by this Twitter dustup between Mary Beard and Nassim Nicholas Taleb that Vox has shoved himself into the middle of. It's about some little piece of propaganda for kids showing Roman Britain as a racially mixed culture. This is silly of course, but I love the history of that period so it held my interest.

Feminism is a shit test. A test for men to see how strongly we can exert our will. But I think it's clear that the train is off the rails. If you read the responses on Twitter, these women really believe they're defending Mary Beard's ridiculous arguments from a position of moral authority. They are defending a pro-rape argument, for the sake of diversity.

A part of me always believed that women knew that their shit tests were... shit. I couldn't imagine that they were so detached from reality, that they honestly believed that they were making sense. The Twitter stream makes it clear that this is really not the case. And I think it's because unlike men, the totality of their experience is filtered through the lens of how they feel right now... this second. They will quite literally violate their every standard and principle for the sake of winning the emotional portion of the argument.

That we let these women hold positions of authority in that light is truly astounding and unbelievably short sighted. When Mary gets her wish and England becomes a muslim nation, I don't doubt for a second that it will be better run than it has been under the diversity mongers. It will be a shame to see it go, but at least they'll get these ridiculous women back in a position where they can do less harm.

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