Monday, August 21, 2017

- Eclipse Review

So I went up to the GF's office on the millionaire mile (Park Avenue from E60th to Grand Central Station, where all the global Banks have their offices) so we could watch it together. The clouds were very accommodating and as a result we got several great photos and even some selfie video with the 2 of us, and the eclipsed sun appearing and disappearing behind the clouds above us. But that wasn't the funny part.

If everywhere in New York was like that neighborhood then of the 12 million people in Manhattan each workday, about 9 million of them were outside looking up. The sidewalks were so mobbed that no one could pass. We were lucky in that we were in such a high end neighborhood and that it was such a highly educated and jovial bunch. Strangers passed their glasses back and forth with each other so everyone could get a look. But Man oh man what a crowd. No deals were made at 2:44 in New York today.

I'll put up some pics later if I have time.

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