Saturday, August 5, 2017

- Feminist 'Hookup Culture'

So the GF likes to listen to this NPR podcast on her short underground commute, and she was particularly taken by episode 25: Just Sex, which describes hookup culture on College Campuses. She was struck in particular by how this Female, obviously Feminist, obviously Liberal Sociology Professor from Occidental, was saying so many of the same things that her Alt-Rightish BF (your humble author) has been saying to her for months.

I listened to it at her request, and though the facts and circumstances the Feminist Prof describes match my view, the principle causes I see there are obviously different. All the same, I’d recommend the short podcast none the less. It’s worth giving a listen to, for no other reason that to familiarize yourself with how these circumstances are being described by the left. But I’d like to describe a few of the exceptions I take to how the circumstances are characterized.

The Feminist Prof, attributes nothing to basic human nature, and instead see’s ‘privilege’ all over the place. I see no privilege. She says that Asian Women and Black men are seen as ‘exotic’ and rare, but that mostly it’s attractive white men who get the most from hookup culture due to ‘privilege’.

Well that’s not privilege, that’s the cultural hierarchy of sexual attractiveness. White men are most likely to be dominant and successful, so of course women place the highest status upon them. In order (for review’s sake) it White men, Latin/Asian men, black men in that order who are seen as ‘most attractive’ by women. Though that speaks to long term preferences. If it’s explicitly only for ‘short term’ use, then a black man’s physical superiority in … musculature… might hold some appeal but would never be seriously considered over other groups for a longer term relationship.

On the Female attractiveness side for men it’s East Asian/White women, Latin/South Asian Women, Black Women. Since men are less exposed to long term risk when it comes to sex than women, and since women’s viable childbearing years are so much shorter, for the most part short term preference for men is the only preference, and the degree to which this affects longer term partner preferences varies widely.

This isn’t privilege, it’s human nature. And there is a great deal of exception for individuals. A breathtakingly beautiful black woman (there are a small minority out there… think a 22 year old Halle Berry) will have a great deal more options than a white Lena Dunham, and race will be much less relevant. That isn’t a social construct. No one is changing what they find attractive because of cultural conditioning, though Feminists and Social Justice types would greatly prefer otherwise. That’s why Lena Dunham gets so angry when men find a better looking woman more appealing than her.

Another thing that is very much not addressed in the podcast is the causes and creation of hookup culture. Feminism is the obvious source since it tells women to reject their natural longer-term preferences and priorities in exchange for short term preferences like those of men. Promiscuous sex for the purpose of status is the priority, and an unattractive woman who is able to lure an attractive man into a ‘hookup’ wins the Female prize of hookup culture.

So there is the question then. Would you ‘do’ Lena Dunham? Even drunk? Even for just a night, or less? How about in the dark? How about just a hummer near the garbage cans behind the frat house? Feminism sets up the circumstances where you would because it eradicates and social pressure on Lena and the man she ‘gets’ to think about longer term consequences. That is quite literally, the whole point of Feminism. But it does so at the emotional cost to the men and women who would rather think longer term and have more ‘meaningful’ relationships.

So I guess the GF is dead right. This podcast does endorse my view more or less. It makes it clear that this component of Feminism is combat between unattractive women, waged on their more attractive sisters, and it only stops just short of finding the cultural causes. It also endorses the idea that Feminism goes strongly against human nature, and attractive women and unattractive men are the ones who suffer the most. By shifting decision making power to women, attractive women must abandon their longer term advantages over their unattractive peers, and unattractive men are left with no options whatsoever.

My daughter is off to college soon, though I worry less about this for her sake than many parents probably do. As a seventeen year old girl, she has her own issues with the dynamics of relationship politics. But she's remarkably resistant to social pressure, and tends to be a very independent thinker. She is also a very high scorer in terms of overall attractiveness, as both of her parents were. I'm sure she'll have a lot more viable dating options than Lena Dunham has ever had.

And thankfully, her options will be increasing as more men of value reject Feminism completely in deference to a more Jordan Peterson like world view which places an emphasis on a life filled with meaning. I've always placed a higher value on a life with meaning than most of my own peers, and with any luck, my daughter will be most attracted to someone who reminds her of her dad in this way. That's the old trope right? And one which I hope holds true, in spite of the Feminist hookup culture.

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