Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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Mr. Peterson you damned Beautiful Bastard!

The facts aren't in yet, but I just reread the Manifesto, and in my new mindset, it reads just like the notes from one of Peterson's lectures. It had everything in it except for a bunch of "obviously's" and a passing mention of pinocchio, Jung and Solzhenitsyn.

According to Peterson's Twitter feed, he spoke to James Damore the author earlier today and will be posting the video later in the week. Even though Damore is lawyered up and speaking to no one in the media, he's willing to speak to Peterson.

I'm betting this kid heard Peterson's lectures, and took his advice to heart. He decided to 'speak the truth and live with the consequences'. That and 'take on the biggest responsibility you can manage' along with 'clean your room' is the sum total of Peterson's advice. But to do it... to stand up to one of the largest most obviously progressive companies in the world, is manly. He's a brave kid and I salute him for his courage. That's what a man looks like ladies.

Peterson meanwhile has been doing his own bit. He put out hundreds of hours of lectures, stood up to the Canadian Government and refused to obey a tyrannical mandatory speech law, and then got on youtube and convinced a bunch of other people to also stand up to the social justice bullies of the left. He's at the bottom of it all I think. And I think that's about to become public.

This whole house of cards is about to come tumbling down I think. And I think Peterson is the one who's very nearly single handedly doing it.

The man is about to become REALLY famous, for all the right reasons.

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