Tuesday, August 1, 2017

- I Should Really Learn My Lesson

OK, I did it again. My bad. I went and looked at National Review and it took all of 5 seconds for me to get annoyed.

I'm actually less put off by David French than many others over there, because I believe he walks the walk of his talk. People don't have to agree with me on everything for me to respect them, they just have to have their actions match their words. If they do that, they are of reasonable intelligence, and open to civil discussion with a deplorable racist, misogynist, homophobe like me (wink) then we can probably work the rest of it out.

French hates Trump for reasons I disagree with, but there are worse sins in my book. In comparison I'd have supported Anthony Scaramucci for President over Hillary so Trump looks like a win to me. A man doesn't have to be your first choice to be your best choice. But National Review as a policy seems to think it can remain relevant while splitting the difference. I don't see that happening.

David's personal view is at least partly driven by the fact that he's been the recipient of some online animosity from some of the racial purists who support Trump, most of whom find cause to give him grief because he adopted a black child. To that I say fuck you racial purists. Adopting a child is an admirable act no matter what color they are, and if you don't like it you can suck the tip of my lily white dick and the documented 847 year old anglo-norman Irish heritage it's the tip of. (My people came to England with Henry II so let's talk racial purity Mother F**ckers!) In that respect David French is very much worth defending even if his other positions aren't in my opinion.

But French does ask some annoying questions and come up with some even more annoying answers.

In the piece linked above he's bemoaning the importance of the old right staking their own position but I find that useless. National Review has already very much staked out its position. It's on the neo-con right with regard to politics and policy, and firmly on side of the left with regard to culture. But since culture is upstream of politics, when they pee in the river it still ends up in their soup pot. This seems obvious to me. And for the life of me I can't understand why it doesn't seem obvious to them.

To David, the #resistance left and the Alt-right are two heads of the same animal. I don't see it that way. I see it as one group who wants to save western civilization, and one which wants to gut it, pack it off to a reeducation camp, and celebrate the new diverse neo-marxism and all the mayhem that comes with it. The similarity of tactics seem no more relevant than the fact that everyone in a war fires bullets.

I think he imagines, as many #nevertrumpers do, that one day the tide will come back in and the stench of the guy from New York will be swept out to sea, ushering in new era where the right can go back to it's stalking horse days as the left's whipping boy. Nobly losing battle after battle, but always able to stick to the high road. He doesn't realize those days are in the past for America.

At the end of the day the Alt-Right is a reaction to the #resistance left. That's actually one of my biggest problems with it. But that means it's a better bet for folks like David French and NAtional Review. The the old right can cling to it's principles all it likes, but it's day is over. And when it comes down to it they can hold their noise and join a side, or be condemned by both.

I don't much care which one they chose.

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