Wednesday, August 9, 2017

- Ignorant And Hateful

I love seeing the free market work. Here's an example.

As a hiring manager, I would be incredibly relieved to receive one of those messages saying that someone didn't want to work with me because the google Manifesto was promoting 'ignorant and hateful' ideas. If ever there was a 'bullet dodged' moment, that would have to be it.

It's a matter of some concern to me. Hiring is tricky thing since I can't legally ask the questions I most want to in the State of NY. What's your IQ? Illegal. Do you typically make decisions based on facts and objective information, or how those facts make you feel? Illegal. What are your feelings on Social Justice? Illegal.

Anyone who has been around a while knows that these questions can be circumvented with a little creativity. Politics (which it's also illegal to ask about) is a good proxy for emotive vs rational decision making. So you ask the candidate to tell you the best thing about the presidential candidate they didn't support, and the worst thing about the one they did. I once had a lawyer in a Jury selection process ask me who the best President in the last 100 years was. A little dodge gets you all you need to know.

But 'ignorant and hateful' is a real tell. It says that the person making the accusation is almost certainly both ignorant, and hateful. And it's the kind of accusation that only relatively low IQ people make. Unless that person was being interviewed for the janitorial staff, you know that they are probably not intellectually suited to a job in an advanced field. 'Das ignorant' is an internet meme for a reason.

It's also pretty striking how fast the air can go out of an intellectual powerhouse company like google. Productivity is not normally distributed. And if just a few key players move on to roles elsewhere, and they aren't replaced with equally productive people, suddenly google becomes yahoo.

Yahoo with its Female chief was equally worried about Feminine priorities for work. But the products they produced were dramatically inferior, their priorities were a shambles, and its fate was a downward trajectory. Was the work-life balance good and the 'diversity' at every level equally 50-50 for the sexes? I don't know about the latter, but I know about the work life balance at a failing company. And there is nothing worse than being the last productive employee of a company that's being managed into the ground by incompetent leadership.

Google can pull out of this. But miss a few estimates, see some falling sales, and the whole thing can be in the crapper before you can say 'Xerox'. That's how the free market works. And if they really prioritize 'social Justice' over productivity, they're going to be out with tomorrow's trash. To believe otherwise, is just ignorant.

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