Thursday, August 10, 2017

- I've Had A Stellar Day

Yesterday we got a decent commitment on our fundraising round from a West Coast firm and today, thanks in no small part to my friend 'The Derb', I had a stellar day. It was success, after success, leading to improvement, and further success. I know tomorrow will never be able to keep up, so I'm just going to enjoy the bliss for an hour or two.

And with that said to describe my current state of mind, I'd like to add one thing. By virtue of their brevity, I think these may be the most satisfying sentences I've ever written:

Here we have a woman trained in Science, refuting Science, by claiming that feelings are a better source of truth than Science, all because the Science says, that women are more likely to say, that feelings are a better source of truth than Science. Feminists can't refute the Manifesto without simultaneously proving it.

After all the lies, pain, grief and injustice inflicted upon us by this ridiculous ideology, we've finally arrived at the cul de Sac at the end of Feminism's one way intelectual street.

I know I've been going on an awful lot about Feminism since the divorce. It's even alienated old readers (anyone remember Dr. Chess?). But it's all been worth because this morning I got to write those. Believe it or not, I finally feel like I might be able to put this particular hammer down.

For a while at least.

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