Friday, August 11, 2017

- James Damore And The Alt-Right

It's just a matter of time I think. Right now there is someone on the left frantically working to find a way to associate James Damore with the evil, despicable, hateful, Nazi Alt-Right.

But there is a problem with that equation that exposes the logic of a strategy like that. If they associate James Damore with the Alt-Right, then they also associate the Alt-Right with James Damore. Anyone can go read James Damore's 'Manifesto' and see that it's not really the 'hate filled anti-woman misogynistic screed' that the media has been portraying it as. And a great many people are doing that very thing. So if that's the Alt-Right, then maybe the Alt-Right isn't the Hitler worshiping gun toting, psychotic haters of everyone that they think it is.

Which of course, it never was. Yes, there is a tiny fraction of actual racists and anti-semites involved in the Alt-Right. But that has NEVER been where the intellectual leadership has been. They have no dreams of camps and ovens. And at the absolute core of everything they believe are facts about the real world similar to and inclusive of, those presented by James Damore.

I sometimes wonder what would happen if the left simply said, yeah, OK, women are different than men and these are their strengths and weaknesses. Yes, Black average IQ's are lower than white and Asian IQ's. So what do we do now?

The first thing that would happen is a great many of the older intellectual leaders of the alt-right would be rushed to the emergency room for heart palpitations, so the left might want to seriously consider it. Just kidding. What would come of it would be a vigorous debate reflecting all positions, and the best ideas - in my opinion at least the ones that respect individual liberty - are the ones that would win out. No one would reinstitute slavery or ban women from the workplace. No one would reccomend putting black and Latino Americans to death. Contrary to how it's categorized, that's not what the movement is about.

There may be discussion of repatriation, but I expect it would mandatory for illegal immigrants, optional for legal immigrants, and nothing even suggested for everyone else. There may be discussion of segregation, but I suspect the idea that will out on that score is Jared Taylor's idea of reinstituting our right of 'free association', increasing the odds that everyone, both black and white, can live in a setting where they feel most comfortable.

That's the truth under the hood that no one ever seems to want to discuss. The ideas under the alt-right are no more hate-filled and murderous than James Damore's manifesto was. They represent a different but no less reasoned and reasonable position. And the characterizations of them and their ideas in the press have been utter slander.

Yes, there are a bunch of kids on the internet going for shock value, and trying to make liberal's heads explode by saying inflammatory things. But I know a lot of people associated with the Alt-Right, including several who are acknowledged as their 'leaders'. And none of them is interested in the kinds of things they are accused of by the left. All they want is to acknowledge the 'real' problem, so that we can all fix it together.

So maybe not. I don't think James Damore will be associated with the Alt-right after all because the risk to the left is just too great. They would sooner just throw the Feminist SJW arm to the dogs, and carry on with the lies and slanders. It's certainly worked for them up to now.

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