Wednesday, August 9, 2017

- James Damore Speaks

I'd hire the kid.

One of the best developers I've ever had - a guy who still helps me out from time to time - was a guy with 'social anxiety disorder'. He had a MAJOR problem speaking to people, and was extremely uncomfortable speaking to crowds. But he had a good solid math background, and was a spectacular javascript developer who often responded to the question 'Maybe we should have build something to solve that problem?" with the three word response "Something like this?"

This kid seems equally skilled with people. But this is who drives the world now. That's why they have arguably less skilled coders like me who are capable of understanding the high math and complex issues, but are also capable of handling words and people to front for them.

Don't be put off by his lack of screen presence, or discomfort with making his points. He's not a salesman, he's an engineer. This is what an engineer looks like.

My only beef with the whole thing is that I wish Stefan Molyneux would ask a few more questions and spend a little less time on his own dissertations.

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