Friday, August 4, 2017

- Losing On Principle

The Z Man with an interesting piece on what comes after the continual surrender of the Republican Party:

Of course, what has worked in the past will be used again. “Who are you going to vote for if not the Republicans?” We’re all men of our age and that means we have been trained to respond to that question one way. Old habits are hard to break, but they eventually do get broken. How likely is it that a soured electorate stays home in 2018 and lets the Republicans take a beating? It’s hard to know and there is the fact that Democrat voters are not exactly thrilled with their options either. Still, it is one possible outcome.

There does come a time in each man's life when he gets sick of surrendering. My brother called me today on this. He said he was aghast at the way the Republican Senate changed the rules to avoid potential recess appointments from Trump. I thought that was all just Washington Kabuki. But at this point I'd be VERY open to a party that didn't intend unconditional surrender to the left on principle, and actually put up a fight.

Just imagine what a Republican leader in the congress who fights as hard and dirty as Chuck Schumer could accomplish.

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