Sunday, August 6, 2017

- More Leftover Adventures

This is interesting in a leftover context:

While the obesity epidemic has long been front-and-center in major cities across the U.S., new research finds that loneliness and social isolation is an even greater public health threat than being overweight.

Since most leftover women (single 'career gals' over age 37) will tend to drink too much and exercise less than their not yet leftover peers, they'll probably get a chance to cope with both.

Watch a 40 year old with no ring sitting on a park bench with her dog. Watch her face when she see's a happy 45 year old couple go by or even worse, a mom and her adorable kids, with handsome husband hovering. If the look on her face is any indication, an early death will be a relief for her. The only thing probably holding her back is the fear that no one will come to the funeral.

Yay Feminism. Go grrrlpwer.

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