Friday, August 11, 2017

- No One Ever Expects...

... the google Inquisition?

I'll be honest, I don't buy it. No one who is cogent and rational actually believes the Social Justice rants. They only tolerate them because they aren't too expensive. At the end of the day the top management at Google (and the Google shareholders) care about market share, profit margin and all the other things that free speech capitalists care about. You can tolerate a little social justice virtue signaling, especially with margins like thiers. But no one is going to cede company control to the overweight blue haired freaks of the SJW movement, because those girls don't know how to accomplish anything. To do so would be to drive the company off the cliff.

Their entire business model requires free speech.

This is the real reason there are so few women in senior management. Because in order to be good at it, you have to think and prioritize like a man. There are women who are capable of doing that. The smartest direct manager I've ever worked for was a woman, as was the very best Hedge Fund President I've known. So there are women who are that capable, in many cases more capable. But they're rare. And none of them are a part of the bloated, whiny, otherkin sexual Social Justice charade. All that stuff is just a cult for losers. And if you are a capable senior manager of a major corporation, you don't have time for loser cults.

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