Thursday, August 10, 2017

- The Party of Science Feelings

This piece on the Google Manifesto from Slate has all the usual tropes. "Science doesn't matter because... feelings!"But I have to confess, I find it a very impressive bit of hypocritical cerebral contortion for another reason.

This must be one of the tricks of modern rhetoric. If you want to refute this ridiculous piece using logic and reason, you have to spend so much time applying definitions to things that you'll be writing for 10,000 words. I just spent the last 30 minutes trying before realizing what a winding road I was set upon, and giving up.

For that reason, I'm relieved for the presence of the comment section, which does piecemeal what I would have done in whole myself. In essence it says that feelings are a poor substitute for objectivity for obtaining 'the truth' because as literally every human knows, your feelings only apply to you. The event which you mourn is likewise cause for celebration by someone else.

And if feelings really do take primacy, what about the feelings of someone like Eva Braun? Why should she be 'oppressed' by having her feelings about a just world be so trampled by the toxic white men who defeated her lover in war?

(As a side note I get an exclusion from the rule if I don't mention her lover's name?)

Slate's typical intellectual game of three card monte isn't flying on this one. Everyone can see where the pea is. You can't be for free speech and demand that the opposition be 'silenced'. And you can't be 'the party of Science' while decrying the conclusions that science leads you to in deference to feelings.

The irony is also hip deep here, and is in my opinion the very best thing about the Google Manifesto.

Here we have a woman trained in Science, refuting Science, by claiming that feelings are a better source of truth than Science, all because the Science says, that women are more likely to say, that feelings are a better source of truth than Science. Feminists can't refute the Manifesto without simultaneously proving it.

After all the lies, pain, grief and injustice inflicted upon us by this ridiculous ideology, we've finally arrived at the cul de Sac at the end of Feminism's one way intelectual street.

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