Tuesday, August 1, 2017

- Regarding Yesterday's Cannolis

I'm particularly curious about Ikaika's take on this, for reasons I think we can keep to ourselves. This is not photoshopped, by the way.

The photo is from the Godfather, and features Clemenza and Pauly right before the incident that involves leaving the gun, and taking the Cannolis. The resemblance is striking if you ask me.

The mooch is having a very bad run right now. But you know what they say, nowhere to go but up.


ikaika said...

the day "mooch" got whacked err, fired, I was listening to a Mark Levin Podcast where Mark was ranting that Mooch was being an out of control jerk and should be whacked ASAP.
Well, someone gave the order. It wasn't personal, it was business.
Mooch wasn't like Paulie from the Godfather.
Mooch was like Tommy from Goodfellas. Mooch tried to takeover the racket and took out a made-man in the process.

Mooch is more like the outsider. Not a made-guy, but a freelance button man. Not a real sicilian, but a guy you hire to bust up the joint, he takes the fall, doesn't rat on anyone and fades away into the wallpaper while the boss gets to iron out the capos. fuggetaboutit.

The media is feeding on some rancid catfish bait lately. Being played like a stradivarius...

Tom said...

The boys over at Ace seem to think that it's more like Bannon telling him to get his shine box, and that there is going to be some more action behind the scenes a little later. I'm dubious. It's hard for me to imagine the mooch as anything but an also ran.