Tuesday, August 8, 2017

- The 'Things You Shouldn't Notice' File

The big thing you shouldn't notice in the great Google Manifesto debate is how much the reaction to the publishing of the manifesto endorsed the facts presented in it. The reaction has been predominantly from women, filled to the brim with neuroticism with fear being the primary emotion, and has been totally uninterested in the very mild statistical facts that have been on offer. The expressed concerns have all been for other people rather than things, and emphasized their feelings rather than the 'things' that these opinions might have had an effect on.

But don't worry girls... I promise I didn't notice.


One more thing I didn't notice is how carefully the folks at National Review are being about threading this needle. Clearly they are aware that they themselves were one of the early adopters of the 'fire them the minute they deviate from the orthodoxy' position and have done so on numerous occasions. In their defense, holding a position on politics is their bread and butter, and Google's position (as silly as this sounds in this context) is as an advocate of free speech, and open access to Democratized media. If someone at NR came out in favor of punitive taxes on the rich, dismantling of our national defense, and the diplomatic abandonment of Israel, I could see why NR would get a little bent about it. Google has no such excuse.

But let's not mince words. Even reasonable well thought through positions that weren't liberal enough for NR is the reason they've canned people in the past (not mentioning any names specifically here) and it's a very rare thing for someone to offer 'too liberal' a position for NR.

But don't worry girls, I didn't notice that either.

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