Wednesday, August 9, 2017

- The Wages Of Feminism As A Leftover

This video came out a couple of days ago on the daily mail, but there was too much going on to get to it.

Here she is, in all her glory. Once Feted 90's singer Sinead O'Connor, melting down in a New Jersey Hotel room, signature shaved head, and grrll Powrrr tats in clear view. Now what man wouldn't want to be tangled up with a woman like that hottie?

If you have trouble sitting through it as I did, let me give you the synopsis. She's upset because she's old, unattractive compared to her youth, childless, alone, mentally ill, and destined to spend a very long time disconnected from the rest of the world because no one wants to put up with her narcissistic shit anymore.

I other words, she's just like hundreds of thousands of other leftover women who live here in New York.

To be clear, I'm not celebrating her misery. I see no need for that. I think her life should be taken as a warning to others. Today's women should avoid at all cost following in Sinead's footsteps. Don't be so utterly self involved. Don't indulge your every ggrrll powrrr whim. Don't get a dozen horrifying tattoos or shave your head for empowerment. And don't reject every man who comes anywhere near you thinking that there will always be someone better just over the horizon.

The very best thing you can do for your own future happiness is get married, think about your husband's happiness at least enough so that you stay married, have kids young, and raise them to see life the same way you do. Stay grounded in the real world as much as you can and don't give men an easy excuse to ignore you, no matter how much you may feel like your victim status justifies it. Because that may be the very thing that happens.

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Blegoo said...

" thing you can do for your own future happiness is get married, think about ..." - so old fashion.