Thursday, August 3, 2017

- The Zeroth Amendment

If you haven't heard the term, the Zeroth Amendment is a theoretical creation of Steve Sailer, designed to describe the left's core belief that absolutely any one of the 6 and change billion people on the planet have an unrestricted right to come to America regardless of our other laws. It preempts immigration law. It preempts the Constitution and the rights of actual Americans. It even preempts irrepealable laws like supply and demand, which hold sway over our actions whether we like it or not.

After that amazing debate yesterday between Stephen Miller and opposition leader Jim Acosta (wait... what does he do again exactly?) on the floor of the Whitehouse briefing room, I think you're going to be hearing this term a lot.

The Whitehouse briefing room, as I'm sure you know, is the place where our policies are debated and the press decides which laws are enforced and which aren't. I'll bet you thought the congress had something to do with that didn't you? Well you're wrong. You probably have some vague memory from the 70's about a cartoon where "I'm just a Bill" sang his way from one branch of government to the other.

Well those days are behind us now. These days, it's Presidential edicts, press responses, and a bloated bureaucracy which decides based on those opposing arguments, what the 'actual' law of the land says. And though representative Acosta's argument may seem stupid and contradictory to you, his view is currently being treated as if it's been carved into stone tablets by an all powerful deity, instead of the base of the statue of liberty by the parks department.

Stephen Miller rightly ridiculed him for it, and even better, turned his low expectations racism right back on him. It was fun theatre, but for now we should all remember that the zeroth amendment still stands. And will continue to if Chuck Schumer has anything to say about it.

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