Sunday, October 22, 2017

- The Eternally Cancelled Vdare Conference

I've been following Peter Brimelow's so far unsuccessful attempts to hold a VDARe conference on immigration with some interest. The Derb has been after me to attend one of these right leaning think-fest things for about about a decade, but I never do. It's not just that work always seems to get in the way, it's more that I don't see myself as such a directly political animal. I'm interested in politics, but not professionally. And god knows this blog is anything but professional. So I tend to stick closer to home.

With that said though, I find it truly extraordinary the trouble that Peter and Lydia having in arranging this thing. If my count is right, this is the 4th consecutive time it's been cancelled. Poor Lydia has been scouting far and wide for place to hold it, she finds one, and sure enough, a few weeks later, a cancellation is posted.

Vdare, as you probably know, is an Anti-immigration website. I think the official position there is for a 50 year moratorium on all immigration, both legal and illegal, though independent authors opinions vary slightly. Is that a good idea? Got me. It certainly seems to be within the realm of topics that's worthy for discussion. It would probably solve some problems and create other problems like most public policy ideas. So what's the big deal exactly? Why is this particular idea so inflammatory that it can't be discussed?

Let be perfectly clear here. They are not Hitler worshiping, Klan admiring far right wingers. They have opinions on the issue of race of course, who doesn't? But it's not their thing, and their conference is not being organized around it. I've heard Peter speak a whole bunch of times and race has always been a secondary consideration if it's considered at all. So what the hell is everyone so afraid of?

You can discuss a 50 year moratorium on property taxes, or defense spending, or anything else and it's either a good idea or a bad one. And talking about those ideas is the way you actually figure out which is which. So what in the world is so holy about immigration that it justifies making poor Lydia Brimelow call every resort hotel in the country in order to arrange a little meetup that will probably only have a few hundred attendees?

It can't be personal. I've met Lydia. She's a perfectly pleasant woman. She's on the tall side and some men can be intimidated by that, but she is otherwise a perfectly charming person. Peter, his hair cut notwithstanding, is no more threatening than anyone else from the north of England which is to say virtually not at all. And 'The Derb'? Arthur Dent is hardly one of history's greatest villains. The scariest thing he does is higher Math, and he assembles jigsaw puzzles in his spare time.

I just don't get what the great big deal is.

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Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

VDARE also became victim of the tech sector Jihad of anyone to the right of the Huffington Post. Paypal pulled their services from Vdare, making it harder for them to get donations.