Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The 'Diversity' Racket

This Steve Sailer piece has inspired me to get out one of my all time favorite soap boxes.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not all opinions are equal. Some are thoughtful, some are idiotic, some are objectively supported and others, are nothing but a reflection of the insecurity or yes, even stupidity of the holder.

I had a systems developer who worked for me for a short time. He was a very smart guy who could accomplish extraordinary things in his area working alone that few groups could match. He also used to argue quite passionately for developing an AI and vesting it with totalitarian political power - a benign dictatorship of ruling machines.

We all laughed at him when he said it, but to him it wasn't a joke. To his way of thinking, machines are logical, so if you can make a logical machine to match the intelligence of a human, you can rely on it to do 'what is best for everyone' all the time. There are so many problems with that threadbare logic that it's hard to think of a place to start, but a 'serious thought' it most certainly is not, in spite of his vocal and sometimes angry assertions to the contrary. To his mind, we were all just too stupid to see the wisdom of it.

So it is with the left's vision of 'diversity'. It's just a stupid idea that misses the mark.

Not to pick on an innocent group like this, but people with downs syndrome are well documented as having a considerably lower than average IQ. Their experience is very different than that of someone without downs syndrome. Your business would benefit 'not at all' by including someone with Downs Syndrome in all managerial decisions. So why should it be any different if you replaced 'downs syndrome sufferers' with any other group?

The only people who don't seem to know that the cries of 'Diversity' are just a racket, are the people who benefit from it. Diversity isn't an advantage. Diversity is a cost. In all but a very few cases women in the workplace eliminate a collegial atmosphere, and on some occasions create a competition and distraction among men that reduces their effectiveness. Mixed race teams can work fine if the goal in hiring them was excellence. But if the goal itself was diversity and the standards were lowered to allow people of mixed races admittance, then it only hurts things.

That we pretend this obvious truth isn't so, is one of the great tragedies of American culture. And to the degree we embrace it, it will only contribute to our downfall. Excellence is the only standard we should ever embrace, and if that leads to diversity of the kind the left prefers, then so be it. But it can never be a goal in itself without doing harm.

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