Friday, May 11, 2018

- The True Handmaid's Tale

If you aren't watching "A Handmaid's Tale" because you think it's just propaganda or a collection of idiotic liberal tropes about the brutality of the Patriarchy taken to extremes, then you're missing some really great story telling. Just because liberals take all the wrong lessons from it doesn't mean we have to. Here are some basic guidelines to remember if you're capable of having an open mind about it.

1. Only women could ever treat other women so horribly. I believe that if only 1% of women were capable of having children, a society led exclusively by men would hold parades in their honor. Statues would be erected. Men already think the creation of life is a kind of magic anyway. Only the envy and resentment of infertile women could so devalue them.

2. The real lesson here is about faith in an ideology that categorizes by groups. In the story it's presented with a semi-christian theme, but more than anything else in 21st century America it represents the ideological dedication to anti-racism. You can't really make christianity work the way the story depicts it without leaving out big parts of it, but anti-racism suffers from no such need for selective memory.

3. Totalitarianism is brutal. History confirms this. All the true totalitarians I see every day are on the left not the right. Christians are the least totalitarian people I know.

4. Severing the natural relationships between husband and wife, parents and children, so that the state can assume a role in the relationship has long been a central theme of the Progressive movement. I see no reason why in the circumstances depicted in A Handmaid's Tale' that they wouldn't choose to sever the relationship between the brith mother and the child, before the child is born. It seems a natural fit for them.

Just keep these four things in mind while you watch the show, and it you'll be treated to an compelling example of what's coming down the pipe if the Social Justice Warriors are ever given 'real' power. Imagine slightly different victims and slightly different villains, with a different theological faith in the necessity and purity of their own actions, and you'll be treated to some excellent film making.

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