Wednesday, October 10, 2018

-The Democrats are Thawing a Cold Civil War...

Eric Holder is serious about the physical aspect of "The New Democratic Party".

Hillary says Dems can't be Civil, Mad Max and Corey Spartacus Booker want their troglodyte followers to get in our faces.

Creepy Porn Lawyer challenges Don Trump JR to an MMA fight for charity. (at least this marks the end of his 15-minutes of fame.)

It seems that the Democrats are urging another unhinged event that ended with Steve Scalise clinging to life.

If only to see a repeat performance of the 2016 election meltdown, it would be worth it to mobilize the Republican vote. Be tough though, there will most likely be gangs of "unhinged" SJW's patrolling precincts where the right to self-defense is legislatively diminished. 

Vote Republican like your life depends on it.

Police and FBI agents searched a Hudson Valley, New York, home Wednesday and arrested the 56-year-old man living there after learning about his alleged plan to build a bomb and blow himself up in Washington, D.C., on Election Day, two law enforcement officials told News 4 New York.Court documents say Paul Rosenfeld wanted to draw attention to his belief in an ancient election system called "sortition," a method of choosing political officials at random. Officials tell News 4 Rosenfeld had no criminal history but had told a reporter in Pennsylvania he planned to blow himself up on the National Mall around Election Day because he was angry about the country's direction. FBI agents pulled over Rosenfeld while he was driving on Tuesday, and he confessed to the plot, telling them he ordered black powder over the Internet and built a bomb in his basement. 

..... I'll say it again: these people are becoming more and more unhinged (even if you doubted that were possible!). Vote Republican, because your life depends on it. I never thought I'd be saying that but it appears that Democrat party is embracing and encouraging fringe lunatics to be the "shock-troops" for their movement.

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