Tuesday, April 24, 2018

- Peterson's Take On His Real Time Appearance

I know I said I wouldn't post anymore Peterson, but this one seems relevant to the comments:

Monday, April 23, 2018

- Jordan Peterson in the Land of Stupid

Apologies - the original video I posted had been blocked by HBO. The official release of the video is now in two segments.
First of all, Bill Maher's popularity has been flagging. A lot of his viewers are catching on to the fact that there is nothing "edgy" about being dull and predictable and surrounding yourself with dull and predictable guests that politically align with the target audience and the host.
Look at the panel on this episode with Jordan Peterson; in fact one witless ninny on the panel illustrates Peterson's points with her vapid Trump Derangement Syndrome on display.
Gov Jay Insley is a colossal buffoon.
What Maher does on every show is to demonstrate a sleight of hand (mind) that makes him appear to be morally and intellectually superior to his guests and his panel. Not hard to do with his usual selections... Maher also tries to contort Peterson's concepts to fit (or justify) leftist idiocy.
Bill Maher's best gig was his film "Religilous". That was his lone flash of brilliance. Now his political commentary boring and pretentious. To avoid the stupidity, you can view the video on youtube and skip through the pablum puking panel to get the substance of Peterson's visit.
At the 11:40 portion, after Peterson has made his point and the psychology of it quite clear, the nit-wit from CBS again proves his point!
Shortly thereafter, a liberal circle jerk ensues with about seven minutes of Trump derangement spewing. At 19:00 minutes or so, Peterson politely interjects.  
UPDATE - the Second video has Peterson interjecting at 1:54
Peterson makes the point that many millions or so Trump supporters are not taking kindly to the framing of them by the "resistance". Bill then goes on with the Liberal Lie... "Well if he were a normal Republican, things would be different..."
To quote Bill Maher: That's Bull-shit.
Peterson seizes the opportunity to pull the mask off the Left in their own dressing room by damning their preoccupation with identity politics.
After that it turns into another Liberal Circle-Jerk. They really don't get it.
Maher sort-of gets it, but these virtue signalling schlemiels are gone.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

- Eric Holder For President: 2020

No event I've seen holds more promise for Trumps reelection, than Eric Holder testing the waters for a Presidential run. He would divide the left over irreconcilable lines with the liberal monied interests going one way and the black vote going another. The result, for better or worse I grant you, would be another Trump win.

There was always some speculation about whether or not Obama actually believed the nonsensical racial policies that cam from his Whitehouse. He would occasionally say very responsible things about black families, fatherhood, and personal responsibility. Maybe it was him just talking a good game, but I always got the impression he knew what would actually help the black community, even if his party wouldn't let him do anything about it. But there was never even a hint of speculation that Eric Holder was anything but another race baiting hack.

The problem though, is that for the most part, the black community loves 'race baiting hacks'. And the more race baiting the better. I personally know a number of black men who don't buy into the Jackson-Sharpton BS, but in aggregate 'the community' seems to love them. 'The community' hates white people and is much more comfortable blaming them for the social ills of the black community than facing up to their culpability.

That will make Holder a popular figure, even if he is somewhat divisive. Whoever the candidate is, the party will demand they move far to the left, and there is little empty ground to the left of Holder. That won't fly with the broader populace however. Holder's record is well established in the fictional 'hands up don't shoot' domain. He buys into BLM's worst fantasies, and is very likely their 'first choice' candidate. Someone who promises to 'stick it to the white man' will play very big on 125th st.

This is stupid politics, but no one has lately accused the Democrats of being smart about things. And with that thought in mind, I'd support a Holder for President primary run. I can't think of a weaker candidate in the general, who would play better in the Democrat primary.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

- Barbara Bush Dead At Age 92

If you were an adult when Bush 41 was president, you can't help but wonder at the way the world has changed in the intervening years. Barbara Bush was dignified, decent, and well liked across the board. But that was the patriarchy. These days, we have a different kind of standard for common decency.

On Twitter, to my knowledge only one user has demonstrated the 21st century version of feminized liberal 'tolerance'. @miragonz, a member of the blue checkmarks (I won't link it) seems to be the only one who demonstrated the self absorption and nihilism typical of her generation.

I find it heartening that she was trashed by one and all. Liberals and conservatives alike told her what a reprehensible POS she is for trashing the former first lady. She subsequently deleted her thoughtless and insensitive tweet, but it was saved by many others who then posted it back to her timeline for her.

This is EXACTLY the kind of social pressure that I think is appropriate. People should be shamed for their awful behavior. Yes they should be allowed to say stupid and thoughtless things, but people should think worse of them for it when they do. All those kids out in the colleges holding up signs that they don't understand, who think they're helping things by being rude to their fellow citizens, shouldn't be thrown into jail for it. But the fact that they do so is a sign of their lack of character, and they should publicly criticized for it in all other areas.

They think they're helping the world by telling people how bitter, resentful and angry they are. They're not. All they're doing is letting us all know how little self control they have, and how thoughtless and inconsiderate they are. This is modern America. the America of Mira Gonzalez. The antitheses of Barbara Bush.

There have been two women in American history who were wife of one President and mother of another. That rare club includes Barbara Bush and Abigail Adams only. Both women will be remembered fondly and respectfully long after Mira Gonzalez falls into the pit of despair that so often claims her kind. And it's an excellent reminder that this national psychological breakdown is a temporary one in the grand scheme. Human nature isn't changed by screams, signs and broken windows.

Barbara Bush reflected the permanence of the time tested roles for men and women. Mira Gonzalez reflects the shallow misery that comes from that overturned applecart. No one, not even normal 'liberals' finds anything about Mira Gonzalez admirable. And this outburst will no doubt be the most noteworthy thing she ever does in her miserable life. As such she's the perfect offset to the dignity, quality, and eternal good nature of Barbara Bush.

Barbara Bush reflected the perfect maturation of the traditional American woman. She died in her home in advanced years, surrounded by her loving husband and family, who will deeply mourn her loss and remember her with respect and affection. No one ever called her powerless at any point in her life. She was a picture of wisdom, loyalty, dedication and selflessness.

Mira Gonzalez is everything the progressive Feminist hopes to be, but she'll never be anything but a slave to her own bitterness, resentment and hatred. She leads a shallow, empty, self absorbed life filled with depression interrupted only by momentary outburst at people who clearly don't deserve it, that reflect nothing but her own inner misery. But for the way she perfectly demonstrates all that's wrong with modern American values, she wouldn't deserve to be mentioned in the same piece with Barbara Bush, who so perfectly demonstrated what those values should be.

May both women serve as examples to other women. Mrs. Bush's to be emulated, and Ms Gonzalez's to be avoided.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

- Quake With Fear Bitches...

David Hogg has your number...

Someone ought to let this kid know how the world works. You'd think the grownup puppeteers would have, but apparently they don't have any better idea than he does. Mr. Hogg on Twitter:

“.@blackrock and @Vanguard_Group are two of the biggest investors in gun manufacturers; if you use them, feel free to let them know,” he tweeted with a winking emoji.

L O Fuckin L!

I'm quite certain Blackrock and it's Trillion dollar balance sheet is peeing itself right now. (Maybe with laughter) Here's a tip doofus. When you're a company with a Trillion dollars in financial assets you're one of the biggest investors in EVERYTHING!

This kid is going to have a very bright future in either the housekeeping or food service industries.

Monday, April 16, 2018

- What Do Sheep Say?

Owing to my origins as 'died in the wool' swamp raised white trash, I have an inappropriately high standard when it comes to fried chicken. My mom, hardly the gastronomic master, had a few recipes where she shined above all women who came before her. One was her Thanksgiving Turkey with her legendary stuffing recipe, another was her low brow but delicious meat loaf, and a third, was her fried in lard, in a black iron skillet, chicken. I carry the memory of it with me wherever I go, and she still carries a scar that runs up her forearm obtained when a vengeful portion of bird spurt hot grease up her flowing 1970's sleeve.

So when it comes to Fried chicken, I'm horribly spoiled. But I still think Chick-fil-A is pretty good.

Everyone is up in arms about how the New yorker has overreacted to Chick-fil-A taking manhattan. But I don't think they're really upset about good food at decent prices. What they're upset about is Chick-fil-A using a terminology to describe themselves that the left thought they had fully appropriated for the left alone. Words like 'community' don't mean 'community' they mean the overweight, blue haired, mogrel mess of diversitoid dunces and low SMV freaks that make up the left's hardest component. In NEw york that's supposed to mean inclusivity that excludes all the normies and only includes the "inclusive".

Are you a heterosexual white male? Are you good looking and thin, over six feet? did you vote for anyone to the right of Nancy Pelosi? "Begone Patriarchal sinner, we have no use for you!" That's what 'community' is supposed to mean in New York. To the left there is only the 'community' and the disparate malefactors who refuse to accept that the 'community' are their masters now. And how dare Chick-fil-A use the world in it's original meaning. Original meaning is the same as slavery!

If you read the article, it also goes on for some time about what Cow's say. Chick-fil-A came up with the clever marketing gimmick of claiming that no creature alive is more in favor of people eating chicken than cows. The author goes on at some length about it. But what he really means is that we should focus on what he and the other sheep say. They say "eat more soy products and quinoa." Avoid the traditional meaning of words. and whatever you do, don't support any organization that doesn't think that men and women are all one great big jumbled up mass of humanity and that biological differences are irrelevant.

To that I say, screw you sheep. May you enjoy your life among the wolves.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

- The Lesson For Conservatism Inc

This piece from Vox is about sports. I don't care about sports. But there is what I think to be an essential lesson in it for others.

It is an old tactics of the left to call out for an 'honest conversation'. But they don't want an honest conversation. They want you to identify yourself clearly as their enemy so they can destroy you and the horse you rode in on. They will put up the white flag, demand a parlay, and then stab and kill you the second you're within range.

These people, the left, have no honor. No scruples. They care not at all for principle, only for power. They are the worst of us. And if you haven't learned that by now, they you clearly aren't capable of learning anything.

Obviously none of this is missed by General Vox.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

- Let EVERYONE Speak

Here we see Ben Shapiro (who I like more than most) struggling to be the guy who draws the line between acceptable and unacceptable. His line isn't based on reason or principle, it's based on political power. If it weren't, then Jared Taylor, John Derbyshire and Bob Weissberg would all be inside his lines. Instead of wanting to be a part of the left and letting them draw the line outside which all monsters dwell, he wants to be the line drawer, and leave people like Kevin Williamson on the inside, and people the 'real monsters' (according to him) on the outside.

I don't blame Ben for this effort, I mostly attribute it to his youth. But I do come away with less respect for him and his intellect in the process.

For the record I say, let every single person have their say. All of them. From the most neophyte tiki torcher to the paragons of intellect. I don't agree with those who would "kill all the jews" or "send the blacks back to africa", but I have enough respect for others to believe that no one else will either. And that's why I think it's OK to let them all speak.